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  1. I got the cords today...what a nice thing to do.  Merry Christmas to you!! and thank you again.

  2. Blow Mold C7 Cords Replacement

    I sent you my address. What a nice offer! Thank you so much!
  3. Blow Mold C7 Cords Replacement

    Well, the newer ones seem to allow moisture into the figure plus they keep burning out...and I cannot find ones that say "outdoor" - I like the little plastic grommet that keeps moisture out. Apparently I don't know how to reply to individual comments here...sorry for that. I am having issues with the ones I've found - they all say INDOOR USE ONLY. I cannot find any that say OUTDOOR approved. They are shorting out. The older original ones have no issues and they are all plugged in the same. No breakers blown or anything. Adequate electric source and outdoor approved cords. Can anybody point me to OUTDOOR ones - even if they are the clip in type. Thanks in advance.
  4. Blow Mold C7 Cords Replacement

    Does anybody know of a source for the replacement cords that are NOT the clip in metal type but rather have the round plastic grommet that fits around the bulb base and snaps into the hole?
  5. I am restoring a vintage Empire nativity set. The cleaning and painting has gone well - I mixed acrylic paints with a bit of Mod Podge and the paint remains translucent. However, a couple of the "gemstones" are missing from the Three Wise Men's rings and gifts. The 2 remaining resemble a golf tee with a domed faceted jewel on top. Does anybody know where I might find some of these? They are sort of like a golf tee or the little "Lite Brite" pegs. I will attach a picture.