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  1. Where do the straps attach to the balloon? And would it be easy to hang from a tree?
  2. Hey guys i was wondering if using none Christmas songs in the display can add or take away from the show? I cant decide if all people want to hear is Christmas music, or mix it up a little with none Christmas music. And when i mean none Christmas music I'm not talking about using something from the top 40 chart ha ha, But things like Be our Guest. Now mind you I have 50 other Christmas songs I've been programing since last season. Songs i was planning to use were Illuminations - used it last year and people loved it. 1812 Overture - Edited into a shorter time. August's Rhapsody - The August Rush Sound Track, First 3 mins Be our Guest. EPCOT Fountains - Rocketeer. Jolly Holiday Reprise, Mary Poppins Soundtrack : First 18 seconds Just an itty bitty to much, Kingdom hearts soundtrack Maroon Logo - Who Framed Roger Rabbit NBC Breaking News Theme - John Williams
  3. santa12

    no posts?

    Coventry Here! I've got about 30k lights and 64 LOR channels --Tyler
  4. Hey sink! its about time someone from this state answered, considering the fact your my X history teacher haha but its all good. Iv already got 12,000 lights up. What with this 4 day weekend it really gave me a ig head start.
  5. Hey everyone im Tyler and from coventry. Iv got 64 LOR channels and 85,000 lights. a 5 person light band and a singing reindeer. I go to Coventry High and im only 17 WHOS OUT THERE!! (I Know you are Mr Synch! i got you into this! haha show yourself)
  6. ugh i know right lol. anyway i pray to god ill get to work for them one day. Thats what im gonna go to college for, lighting and all that fun stuff
  7. Hey everyone big Disney fan here and Disney just started there nightly castle lighting show which is new for 2007. To transform Cinderella's fairytale castle into a magical ice palace it took...Five weeks and 65 elves, Two cranes, 15 miles of cables, cut and dyed castle colors, supporting 32,000 square feet of fishing nets, supporting 200,000 LEDs, interspersed with 500 strobes ,and One Fairy Godmother working some very special magic. If you wanna skip right to the lighting part go to min 4:35.
  8. Can anyone help me pleaeeeee lol. im looking for video footage of pumpkin faces that are singing so you can shoot the projection on some pumpkins. if possiable pumpkins that are singing Grim Grinning Ghosts. anyone has that footage and would like to share that would be amazing thankz!
  9. actually those pumpkins were a walmart find about 3 years ago, im sure they have somthing like that still around
  10. Hey guys just thought id share some photos of my halloween display. This is basically it, i mean i just a have a few minor things but its good enough for only a 1 month season. Il hae a light show video up as soon as i can get it running. This is the back of the colums Feel free to comment or ask questions
  11. hey everyonei was thinking of Doing a facade in the front of my house for halloween this year. Has anyone done one of these? Even if you havent made one, what do you think would be a good material to createit with?
  12. hey everyone iv got about a 30 foot bluespruce in my front yeard that i want to decorate wit lights next year roughly how many light do you think i could get away at the minimum. i am some what at a budget but i also dont want the tree to look naked
  13. whts a good roof design im on some wht of a budget and cant afford to cover the entire roof from top to bottom with a countless number of lights. so do you have any suggestions on a pattern?
  14. Ok well i live on a great block and everyone around me really loves my display im the talk of the town (small town , nothing exciting happens) and my neighbors look forward to the display every year and ask me whats going to happen this year? but i keep it all a secret 9they go crazy trying to get an answer out of me. Now for next year i really want to spread into there yard but ireally dont know how to approah and ask them. Any Suggestion?
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