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  1. Thank You qberg for this information - it is VERY helpful - I have some spare rectifier from old strings I will try on these strings and hopefully that will take care of my dimming issue. Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas - Glenn
  2. Standard Plug with two wires from Plug going into rectifier then first light. see attached picture
  3. Hi Charlie, That is what is happening - Half the string is very dim and there is a couple of strings were no lights are working and the fuses are fine so it would have to be the first rectifier right? Here is a picture of my problem. Thanks for your help!!
  4. Dave, I am not what you you mean by re-seat each lite. My lights are not removal - Thanks
  5. Hey Guys, need some help - I have two problems: 1) On my arches I have some M5 LED strings that are at full light and the other half is almost out but barley on. Why would that be? 2) I have another string that is totally out - New Fuses installed - but can not locate the bad bulb with my LED Light Keeper - when I think I have found it - plug it they still don't work. Any Ideas on Christmas eve? Thanks guys
  6. Thanks Mikey, I THINK I understand - When I get ready to make it I will come back for further instructions - LOL!!!
  7. Great Stuff Big J. I would love to see a Picture - I am interested in the Crank up - Thanks for the info.
  8. Guys, I have a question: I am not looking to build a giant mega tree but I would to use 70 light strings which are 23' long - is there a calculation that I can use to figure the height I need to use the 23' strings of lights and get the proper look I need. This kind of a backwards way of figuring I know.
  9. Hello Nallison20, I have been doing my display for many years now and have tried probably every suggested trick to keep the breakers from kicking? Bottom-line : you can slow it down a lot but will never keep it from happening - Especially if you have a large display. The best thing I have found is to get the plug OFF the ground and at an angle so the water will shed off the plug. I found that using a 1 foot garden stake (see attached picture) does a great job. It looks like a foot long staple. Stick it in the ground, put a light clip on the stake and clip the extension cord to it. To k
  10. Thank You Slankard - I loved making it and it has held up well for the last few years
  11. Hey Guys, I am setting up a different cross in my display this year. I want to find a partiular kind of light that i can put at the bottom of the cross and it beams up. What type beam light would anyone suggest? Thanks Glenn
  12. Yes Jim - Welcome - PC is an amazing place to hang out especially when you need help - these guys and ladies are awesome to interact with. They come up with ideas that will amaze you.
  13. Cool Blowmold - it looks like those Frosty's in "Christmas with the Kranks". Great GET!
  14. Been putting up lights since Labor Day - you could not see them in the trees and bushes - closer to Halloween I got I pu them on my windows and house and fence. I should be completely finished with my display this coming weekend.
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