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  1. Thank You Slankard - I loved making it and it has held up well for the last few years
  2. Hey Guys, I am setting up a different cross in my display this year. I want to find a partiular kind of light that i can put at the bottom of the cross and it beams up. What type beam light would anyone suggest? Thanks Glenn
  3. Yes Jim - Welcome - PC is an amazing place to hang out especially when you need help - these guys and ladies are awesome to interact with. They come up with ideas that will amaze you.
  4. Cool Blowmold - it looks like those Frosty's in "Christmas with the Kranks". Great GET!
  5. Been putting up lights since Labor Day - you could not see them in the trees and bushes - closer to Halloween I got I pu them on my windows and house and fence. I should be completely finished with my display this coming weekend.
  6. Mike, Thank you for those great idea - I have several more scenes I want to do over time and will look to the Foam board for possibly making scenes - I may even call upon you for some advice if you don't mind - I eventually want to tell the entire story of Jesus from Mary to Jesus leaving this earth - it will take time but for now I have the main events - Birth - Death and resurrection. Thank You for your support - and I will be taking pictures. Thanks Glenn
  7. Gary, At my other House I built a skating scene for my yard and it was a huge hit - what I did was I took 2 pieces of 1/2 plywood - cut half circles to make it a 6' circle - connected it underneth with angle iron. I found the center and put a coupling in the center with a 1 1/2 female on it - then I bought a rotating christmas tree stand - I put the 1 1/2" pipe in it and connected it to the base. It turned the base perfectly - then I took 1 x 2 pieces of wood and built a frame around the entire base - took chicken wire and stapled it to the frame then I took white burlap and wrapped the wire and stapled it to the frame. This gave you the frozen pond look with a snow bank look. Leave an opening in the back so you can get under the skating rink (you will need to get under there from time to time. Now I went to Winfield arts and bought the tall skaters pattern and cut them out of Coro Board. I mounted them on the plywood base - Coro board made them light enough for the skating area to turn. Then I bought a snow machine and put it on a 12 foot mount above the skating rink and it snowed on the skaters while going around - this was a huge hit. It is just anouther way of doing the skater scene.
  8. They had that same scene one time at old time pottery at a good price and my wife and I did not buy it - we thought it would go on sale after Christmas - dumd huh?
  9. Thank you Bama (hmm) Roll Tide? Thank you for your kind words - yes that is how I believe as well.
  10. There ya go - That sounds like a plan - I have trees in my back yard - I will do that - Thanks - If I survive I will let you know - LOL!!!
  11. There is nothing crazy about getting started early - I always want to make it a joyable affair and not be outside at the last minute till midnight on Thanksgiving eve getting lights up and being stressed - beside if I run short of lights and can get Paul to get them to me in time. Bill, I told my wife what you said about leaving some up all year and what your wife said about it - well she agreed with your wife - that ain't gonna happen around here either. I do have a question for you guys - at my old house, the roof was not steep at all - I could run all over it and never feel like I was gonna fall off - the roof on my new house is pretty steep but not impossible to work on. I will be putting blue lights across the entire front of the roof every 30 inches - this will require me moving around alot - I was told by a roofer to get two 2 x 2 foot squares of rubber foam about 3 inches thick to set on and move around on the roof - I also thought about tying a rope around me with plenty of slack and attaching it to my truck hitch and put it in the back yard so if I slip forward the rope will stop me. Is this all insane or is there a better way - I am not going to hire it done!
  12. I know - alot of us are crazy - some of the neighbors in my new neighborhood have been looking at me funny - I haven't put up a light outside since 2010. i have to do it this year - there is a little girl over where i used to live that was diagnoised with brian cancer a year ago - she has gone through a lot of pain - she told her mother one thing she misses most of all is Mr. Glenn's Christmas lights. There is no way I am not putting lights up this year for that child. Matter of fact I just got home from work and need to get on out in the yard and work on my PVC Window frames. See you guys later.
  13. Very - Very Nice - Is the Joseph and Mary Mannequins? if so, which ones did you get? What style I am looking for some to do the same thing but I am in the dark on which ones to get. I figure they need to be flexible in some way. Thanks
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