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  1. Thanks for that. May well be giving you a shout over the christmas period - but thats a way off yet! THanks for all the help - I hope to have a website up for my lights by september so I'll keep you posted. Happy bulb checking! Andy
  2. Thanks for that Mark. Two further questions though, 1) What sites / companies do you use for getting lights and sockets etc? I did buy a few usa extension leads while I was there though! 2) I am usually up in Thundersley / Rayleigh for a couple of days in december - I have family up there - out of interest are you anywhere near there? Its nice to see displays for real! I am not technically minded to be honest although I can cope with the ton of wiring for my display. Much as I would like to go down the route of computer control, I think it will illude me for a couple more years yet!
  3. Hi all. I was in Florida on vacation last november / december and ended up in Walmart and Lowes stores buying a suitcase full of lights to bring back to the UK with me. (They are so cheap compared to over here and you have so many more to choose from!) As I can easily get the voltage converters over here, does anyone know of a cheap way of importing lights so that I don't get hit with loads of import duty in the UK? I'll give you an example of prices here - I paid £49 ($90) for a set of 120 diode lights and that was cheap for over here. In Lowes Store, Florida, I paid £3 ($5.50) for a set of
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