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  1. Just thought I'd share I talked to paul today and ordered 36 each of read, green, blue, and white, plus 12 amber. My mega tree, plus a few other things will be going LED this year
  2. The problem I see, assuming it's not a problem with the city, etc., is with that kind of span, there would be too much sag to keep it high enough. You'd need a post or something closer to the street to shorten the span.
  3. I live in hampton, on the south side of atlanta and work in Marietta.
  4. John Pidliskey wrote Copper prices have doubled in the last year and more than trippled in the last 3. Check out this graph:
  5. I do the same thing. I've picked up some from the trash and bought them after christmas when they go 75% off each year. I've got 50 or so that get used outside now, most of them in the 2-4' range, but going up to 8'
  6. 94-302-vert wrote: Several reasons; Orange cords look really bad, dark colored zip cord in the grass is invisible The zip cord is less bulky It's easy to build custom lengths witht the zip cord and vampire plugs
  7. hseeng wrote: I think it's Krylon brand. I usually get it at Michaels. It's a little price for a small can, but beats replacing bulbs on wireframes.
  8. I always use the stained glass paint in the spray can on my wireframes and it works great. It dries without being baked and seems to last longer than the original color on the bulbs.
  9. FYI - Not sure why it has to be UL/CSA approved. However, if that's really the case, building your own cables isn't an option as the assembly wouldn't be approved. Even if all the components are, unless the final assembly has been evaluated by UL, it's not approved.
  10. A PAR 38 with a gel in front will be fine, but you have to some how get the gel several inches away from the lamp so it doesn't melt. They make PAR 38 cans also. That's probably the way to go since you have place to put the gel frame.
  11. How are you guys getting 120v from the AC disconnect? AC condensors are almost always 240v and don't have a neutral.
  12. dschwab9


    If you're not broadcasting on top of a licensed station, chances are no one will mess with you. It's still illegal, but if you do it, I'd check and make darn sure you're not broadcasting on a frequency that's licensed to someone in the area.
  13. I believe I saw solid green sets at Garden Ridge a couple of weeks ago. I also picked up some green C7 LED's at Lowes last year.
  14. wbaker4 wrote: Well, it's no different than buying the bulk spools of C7 sockets and putting a vampire plug on it... As long as you don't overload it, it's really not that big of a deal. In the event of a short, the 20 amp breaker will trip pretty quickly. The big concern is if you were to string a ton of them together and have a 15 amp continuous load on the 20 guage wire. At 75 lights, I don't really think it's a big deal.
  15. wbaker4 wrote: 75 C7's doesn't pull anywhere near 20 amps either. It's only about 3.2 amps. Most of the 25 light strands are 20 guage wire, which can carry 5-6 amps.
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