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  1. Yes Bill will be missed. A true pioneer in decorating with light. It was obvious from the 8 years or so that i have known him one of his true joys was watching others brighten the smiles of the thousands that viewed all the different displays. He would open his shop and let us learn from his vast knowledge and kick ideas back and forth. The smile he had on his face this spring when we brought the singing snowman to his workshop to display for the annual meeting was truly worth the effort to pack the snowman up and bring him by. Will be missed by all but certainly not forgotten. There is a
  2. You know that when Mark is impressed, your over the top! I'm also very impressed. Make em smile!
  3. Thanks for the Bump Mark - As many of you know these events have been a huge fun time in the past, and with what I know about the plans for this years events no one will be dissapointed, and I know there will be enough snow to build a snowman http://video.today.msnbc.msn.com/today/45751784#45751784 So come on down and meet Lester the snowman up front and personal !
  4. Been searching for information on how to utilize the input channels on each of my Servo Dog controlers. They operate the 8 servos just fine, but I would like to be able to monitor the 6 input channels and allow the LOR software to detect and utilize that input for an event or adjustment to the servo functions. Any help is truly appreciated...
  5. I will be missing the Mini this year - be flying on a business trip. I will get the chance to see some old friends, and put a hand shake to a friend I have been chatting with for some years but never met in person. Am sure that Mark, Kevin, and Bill (and others) will continue in their awesome tradition. Lowell
  6. Mark ! I did that in 2008 ! And I am the forgetful one - sheesh ! Yea, I see some names here of new folk that I will be seeing again and hopefully bringing along. Nothing like a spring day on the lake with lighting freeks ! LOL ! Want to remind everybody to start thinking about car pooling as much as possible, our group is growing - but thats good!
  7. I like that! Anybody got a good graphic I can give to the sign maker for this creative project?
  8. Going in with new CCTV cameras this year - existing cameras dont record - want to be creative with my signage keeping it family friendly, but still getting the point across. Figured two small signs in the corners of the yard. Any recomendations? What do your signs say?
  9. I'm glad this group is excited about this class. I have been pushing the soldering pencil around for over 40 years, and look forward to sharing my knowledge. Surfice Mount is a little tricky - but well worth the efforts. I have contacted a group of DIY'ers that have produced some videos, and they are allowing me to reproduce their videos on the handout DVD that Kevin and Mark will make again this year.. Clean tip - bright tin - correct heat - off we go!
  10. Started the year off looking for a Document Management System - the affordable type - for my electronic record keeping. Using my multi feed scanner/copier I started trying different software and methods. I found a program i like called Scan and Sort it Lite - a free anniversary edition, but it wont allow me to scan multiple pages. Anyone have other suggestions? Thanks
  11. Byran, Thanks for asking. What you could bring that would be helpful is small side nippers to cut the wires - and needle nose pliers would help as well. Other than that - the kits - soldering irons - solder - and crying towels will all be provided. I have asked Wire Kat to schedule our soldering class just before lunch so that if we need a little more time for a few folks we will have our lunch break to work things out. Plus we will be using a mini-cam and my projector so everyone can see. (PS - If you bring tools - please put your name on them with a piece of tape so they get
  12. WAIT ! I thought you said I could think about it? Well Kevin thought about it for me ... :giggle: J.K. Were going to have some fun buiding kits! Woo Hoo! If any of you experienced kit builders that are coming have a Panavise board holder or similar and can bring it - send me a note.. Looking Forward To It
  13. Maybe by then i will have my talking head done - who knows.....
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