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  1. Christmaslightshow.com contact?

    Same as above I have had quick a good response time to the question I asked last week
  2. New to animation

    I am new this year, I got 3 controllers all for less than half price, on eBay and the forums. I recommend the Basic software because it doesn't cost you any more $$ to upgrade, you just pay the price difference between the two, no extra fees. I already upgraded to the Basic Plus, for a few features I wanted. There are lots of free sequences available out there, some are worth what you pay for, while others are great, the biggest hassle will be learning to use the "skew timing" feature to get it lined up to the music exactly, and then figure out how to adapt it to your setup.
  3. Help a new guy get setup.

    After watching tons of videos, reading endless posts and matching it to what i have and current budget here is what i came up with, I am using Basic Plus, (i had basic, but upgraded to plus because i like the Beat Wizard and wanted to play with video control. as shown above i built a Mega Tree and i have a 6 foot wreath i am putting on the house too, I am excited. I included a picture of the Mega Tree with the lights all the way up,
  4. Help a new guy get setup.

    Thanks! I might have to come up and see your lights sometime too! I live in South Jordan, so not too far from you. Thanks for sharing, I have seen Holdmans' but didn't realize the # of channels, Your trees look good too
  5. Awesome price, I wish I had budget left
  6. Looking for C9 LED bulbs

    I believe C9 is E17, also the ones I bought for $0.70 are outdoor, just the clearance ones are indoor only.
  7. Looking for C9 LED bulbs

    Be careful the clearance ones are Indoor only! I just bought the ceramic dimmable ones from this website, 2 year warranty and if you buy 2 or more 25 packs the bulbs are only 0.71 cents per bulb, they also give discounts for buying multiple singles. They work good and dim well. Identical to other vendors I have purchased from in every way I can see for almost half of the price. Also to add when putting it on my Kill-a-Watt meter they take more power than advertised about 1 watt per bulb, but again this is the same as the other vendor I bought from
  8. Mikeymatic has a good point those other motors are 12v DC so you need a high wattage convertor, the rotisserie is a cool idea
  9. Sounds cool I don't have any suggestions but please post progress pictures
  10. Mega tree hook heads

    My strings don't touch the screws, I took the idea from the Lights on Paxton guy, who said Holdman did it, which is to zip tie washers to the string, so my wire just hangs by the zip tie, I wanted a pulley head and buying one was way more money, but I did but other parts
  11. Mega tree hook heads

    I just built mine about $8 for this and a few more for the pulleys at home Depot probably won't hold the hundreds of strands but I think would be great for around 64, Google mega tree heads then look at images. I highly recommend using a pulley to hoist it. I love being able to change things with no ladder
  12. Help a new guy get setup.

    With the tree topper it was only like $15 more than the tree topper itself, so I thought it was great for $15
  13. Help a new guy get setup.

    Christmaslightshow.com I got it in a combo pack with one of their tree toppers, in the morning I can post a link if you want.
  14. Help a new guy get setup.

    Thanks I used 1.5" galvanized pipe 2, 10 foot sections with one cut down to get the height I want
  15. Help a new guy get setup.

    Well after many hours of construction I lit up my tree tonight for the first time. I am planning on 12 channels, 24 strings of 100 Tomorrow I plan on adding extension cord so I can pull the lights all the way up. I am very happy with the results!