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  1. What type of bulbs are the C7s? If so these are bright but expensive https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/decorative-led-filament-bulbs/t8-led-filament-bulb-40w-equivalent-candelabra-led-vintage-light-bulb-radio-style-dimmable-200-lumens/2146/ Or you can just get C7 Retrofit bulbs. Most of these turn on and off quickly if they are dimmable
  2. It's fun to see all the variety thanks for sharing I love to see it all. Here is a picture of ours.
  3. Yes you can copy between them, I would suggest saving copies of the sequences so you have a back up. And as always make sure you have multiple backups on separate computers or drives. To. Copy between sequences you need to have them both open. Then you can switch between the two tabs and paste. I suggest you also look at the multiple paste options as they are very powerful in making the paste fit well into the new song. http://www.lightorama.com/help/index.html?cut_copy_paste.htm
  4. It shouldn't hurt the lights, generally the wink link is the pole.
  5. This is amazing! a bit expensive but I want to support it so the production continues.
  6. Yes you would have S5. It has a steep learning curve but pretty easy after that
  7. What version of the software do you have? S5 is the newest and the best video series is done by Luminous Harmony. She is a professional Sequencer and makes great videos. If you have S4 or just for more information check out Crazy Christmas Crew he has good getting started info, as well as John Storms with Listen to our lights. I would be happy to answer anything I can. By biggest tip is to use the keyboard shortcuts. You can save hours using that over mouse clicking everywhere I. My opinion. Luminous Harmony Crazy Christmas Crew Here are a few links to what I talked about
  8. If you are talking about light o rama ELL light linkers it seems like it should work, as you can have multiple controllers on the same address, but I don't know about the wireless option as I haven't tried it.
  9. Try unplugging everything and plug it it back in. Also try switching which port the data cable is plugged into, they are known to be fragile and could be damaged. If you have the USB dongle try testing it from your computer to narrow down where the problem is coming from.
  10. Awesome and quite the early start, this year especially I think people are going to be loving these displays.
  11. I was wanting to do the same thing. Any good ideas on how to motivate people to decorate? I think that my display has caused others to give up. But I want see more lights!
  12. Great information! I didn't realize that they were such power hogs. Makes sense that someone local was surprised by the power bill when he switched to pixels.
  13. I found PC about 4 years ago and I love the forums. I preferred the older format of the website that was more of a traditional forum layout. The new design is harder to navigate in my opinion. Personally I think changing it to a classified site will kill traffic even more. Facebook has those groups too along with Craigslist Ebay and many other sites. I have frequented other forums in the past and they too are suffering from Facebook. And in general the Facebook groups are supe terrible for this type of sharing of knowledge and ideas. The post lasts for a few days and then gets bumped
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