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  1. I did not go to NC plant. I wish I had gone years before when one of my college friend moved near their. He went there and brought me a Christmas tree and set of Noel candle. The plant was open to locals only on Saturday mornings in fall cash and carry. The Norfolk plant was also in really bad shape. They had lots of issues leaking roof...Some of equipment was leaking hydraulic oil. It was clear to me that management did not want to make needed repairs. But on bright side they sold the water damaged blow mold boxes a few dollars cheaper.
  2. Mine came!!! I am working on figuring out how to run wire though the egg and if I want to lite the egg??? The drain hole is in top of egg. Which is little odd.
  3. Maybe I don’t remember that area has flooding issues. I was thinking about it I called them around 2010. I know they had bad flood in 2009 hurricane Floyd landed near plant. She said roof and building had damaged due to hurricane. So I am not sure which flood damaged the molds. Also I did ask about 40” choir angle that BECO made and both were damaged.
  4. I also would like to thank Nick and Mel. I like Mel have also began taking photos of the blow mold I have that are missing from site. And sending them in. To me it’s really fun to see the history. When I went to GFP the folks there were very nice and knowledgeable about their products. I wish I had gotten there information and stayed in contact with them. side thought.... Years ago I talked to a lady there about making a small run (min. 600 units) of large choirs boys girls 48”. They went the extra mile to find them and discovered they had been damaged in flood at NC plant (old empire p
  5. I got an email MK and noticed the large CADO Easter eggs looks like old GFP ones to me. They look like a good deal. I will call since they don’t let you pick your color.
  6. Sounds good I will try next week and take some pictures. I have just a few toys there still in box. I try and keep the boxes to my blow molds. Since a lot of mine are mail ordered or I went to plant and picked them up.
  7. Thanks Mel Do you know if the site would like pictures of labels/ boxes that blow mold came in and toys made by GFP/ empire? Thanks Scott
  8. Thanks you Mel and to all the other helping in this endeavor!!! I really like that there are pictures of back as well and all catalogs! Mel do you know if most of blowmolded.com site has all pictures up? If not there are some pictures I can take of items I don’t see. Like some new CADO items, GFP deluxe camel and some sample items from plant, Walmart red lantern and other items.
  9. Yes it looks like a full redesign!
  10. This is great!!!! Thanks for letting everyone know Donna!
  11. I got a email today. Looks like Christmas lights emporium has a good sale below are a few snapshots.
  12. Sorry I sent the last post before I finish my thoughts. There wire frames are all made in TN and powered coated either white or black At there shop. I think there very well built. This place is more geared for city, town, large public displays. A town near me has a bunch of there wireframes for Christmas display and they have held up for at least 10yrs+. I will look on my old cell and see if I have a picture of that Santa set.
  13. I have been to there showroom in TN it’s near Smokey MT pigeon forge TN. They had this in a large outdoor display. It’s very large. I almost bought a keep Christ in Christmas sign that looked cool but most of there items are custom built and lead time on getting it was a few weeks. I don’t think they have sales since everything is built to order. Attached are pictures from the catalog I got. You can always call them the guy at showroom was very helpful.
  14. Has anyone seen these before??? New candy corn blow molds.
  15. I did a small set up so you can tell size of the ones I have. The green bulb is regular C7 and the two types of blow mold fixtures. Hope that helps!
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