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    When my granddad help me make wood cut outs for our naivety when I was young.
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    I love putting up Christmas light and seeing the smiles on people face that come by
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    Most years my display is LOR and other years it is blow molds and old school looking

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  1. I got a email today. Looks like Christmas lights emporium has a good sale below are a few snapshots.
  2. Sorry I sent the last post before I finish my thoughts. There wire frames are all made in TN and powered coated either white or black At there shop. I think there very well built. This place is more geared for city, town, large public displays. A town near me has a bunch of there wireframes for Christmas display and they have held up for at least 10yrs+. I will look on my old cell and see if I have a picture of that Santa set.
  3. I have been to there showroom in TN it’s near Smokey MT pigeon forge TN. They had this in a large outdoor display. It’s very large. I almost bought a keep Christ in Christmas sign that looked cool but most of there items are custom built and lead time on getting it was a few weeks. I don’t think they have sales since everything is built to order. Attached are pictures from the catalog I got. You can always call them the guy at showroom was very helpful.
  4. Has anyone seen these before??? New candy corn blow molds.
  5. I did a small set up so you can tell size of the ones I have. The green bulb is regular C7 and the two types of blow mold fixtures. Hope that helps!
  6. These are the corn cobs I use. In the other photos small sheep had old C7 bulb ( they look dim) then I changed to these corn cob bulbs. Hope that helps
  7. Looks cool I hope even more house have Christmas display for 2021.
  8. This is really cool looking place. Its on my bucket list for visit:) below is from the local PA tourist site.
  9. Take care I remember in 2014 they said 2” rain/ice/snow....we had freezing rain that turned into 2” black ice and then about 6-8inches of snow in north Georgia at 11 am. My Up the mountain Neighbors parked in my lower yard came up to house for coffee then went hiking up mountain. Other got to spend a day or two at office,car, store, Home Depot. Below is YouTube from cbs about it.:)
  10. I totally agree it’s tough to figure out what company and when they made it. At least China made blow mold are labeled either pan-am link stamp or Gemmy in label. Cado is a different story they have a mixture of old molds. I have some Cado items that have grand venture stamped and other union stamp. I wish Cado would put date stamp. Most of the time Cado is easy to spot due to the poor paint job or the plastic ( its more like milk jug plastic than true blow mold plastic used by union, grand venture, or GFP. Also Christmas light creation has there own GV blow molds they only made two but I know
  11. Thanks for letting me know it’s odd that it would be that different. I might call them and find out what’s up with high shipping rate.
  12. I don’t know what’s happened in past two years but for some reason shipping is supper high at American sales unless it a small box size like 2ft x2ft x2ft or less. Hope y’all have a great New Year! Hi, Donna hope the snow is gone. Where getting a lot of rain but temperatures is 64 so not to bad.
  13. I noticed this blow mold candy cane on American sales label union #77440. I have not seen it made by Cado I was thinking maybe Cado just made it for American sales? I know that Cado did not make many blow molds this year. Would have ordered some but shipping is sky high so I will skip..
  14. Donna that’s a ton of snow!!!! I think I will keep around Atlanta we get around 2 inch snow and 2 inches of ice and 52 inches of rain each year:) Have a Merry Christmas! PS I love seeing everyone display!!!
  15. These are type I use. Box said 7.5”.
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