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  1. Any update? I would be fine with unpainted molds I have purchased some for Christmaslightscrration. And I did not mind painting them I did my own colors. Also the Noel lamp is so cool and could be wall mounted or post or maybe hung up. The guy at CLC would not tell me were his were made but I think they were made at Cado because the plastic has the same issues. Both have a tan tint when lit.
  2. What’s everyone Christmas display looking like. I been working in the back yard on mine. I live HOA and can’t put out in front yard until week of thanksgiving. If weather is good I will start pulling it to front yard on Monday.
  3. I hate to here that! Its very sad to hear. Some one gone so soon. That had such a love of Christmas & Blow Molds. I think your right I looked at the video of pre-action and it looks to be the same collection of Blow molds. I alway wish a collection of that size could be keep together. But I been to action and things are broken up. 😢
  4. I used small binder clip and trash bag tie to hold wire/socket it worked. Until I was able to find some clips. I have gotten some new clips pretty quickly from the link below. www.blowmoldstore.com
  5. That’s true I think with the amount they have I could see them wanting more varieties of carolers. Also I know the flesh tones and gold paint are hard to find spray paint that matches. With yellow gloves instead that cuts down on the amount of repaint time. Looks like gold parts have also been painted yellow. With the amount they had it make since to me if they just made a set of stencils for repaint job. And toke more time making heads more unique. Below is from 1970 Poloron catalog.
  6. Found this today looking for something else. It the largest set Poloron carolers I have ever seen. youtube:
  7. These are timers I use I like being able to control time on/off. I have used photocell type before and I did not like the results to me they came on to late.
  8. I found my folder with more info on UV paint. Repainting a Blow Mold HU.docx
  9. I would for sure repair it hopefully the plastic around it is in good shape. I added a pdf that I have used by Carrie on repairing damage like yours. Hope it helps. Blowmold-repair-tutorial.pdf
  10. None of mine have yellowed and some have been done 10years. My can say it in fine print. I did look up other brand that I used and it says on front non-yellowing.
  11. I used UV spray paint for about 10years. It’s work well for me. Its hard to tell if it work’s because it clear. They only way I can tell is I missed spraying UV paint on a few molds about 8 years ago and I could tell a difference after a few years of use. Tips that have worked for me. If I repainted a blow mold I spray it down about week after with UV spray paint. Never mix different brands of spray paint they will run together. Also only put 1-2 coats on a blow mold of UV spray paint any more and I have found it does not look as good. To me the gloss works great and brings back some life to a
  12. I toke a picture of the one I have and use. They also sale it at Lowe’s and Home Depot In spray paint section it’s different brands.
  13. Ran by target at lunch for a few things and tried out penguin. It not bright to me its also harder plastic. If I got one I would change it to C7 plug in. I think it would look better.
  14. It’s a little LED light in bottom same as snowman I tried out in picture below. I thought about getting one for little boy’s room but they have fine glitter which tends to make a messy in my book.
  15. There around 14” to 16” for any of them. The nutcracker / snowman I think might be 16”.Below is info from target
  16. Target got in more little $10 blow molds.
  17. I live in very large neighborhood and we have a contest each year. Halloween it’s 3 different categories of decorations Winning prizes $20. Christmas it’s 5 different categories of decorations winning pizza $25 or 50. I have won “old school Christmas display” and another year won traditional Christmas display. Rule is that you can only when a prize every other year. I built this house almost 5years ago.
  18. Got around to rebuilding choir stand and others. Today was paint day! Tomorrow might be screw down day:) My old choir stand was damaged from tornado in April when top of tree fell on it:) and had to replace my roof :). This time I made stringers 12” high 8”step. Some of tread are missing there in basement I was able to reuse a few from old choir stand. Also this is my test setup in my basement of manger. I been working off and on trying to get my Charle Brown Seq. Timing closer. IMG_0313.MOV
  19. No, tape will hold in water and when it freezing up it breaks SPT plugs its not pretty. Also it will trip gfci breaker. Also keep you LOR controllers and plugs off the ground. One of mine is mounted on set stairs for choir and the other is on the back of manger. Also I have pigtails with C7 bulbs on A few channels to help with dimming LED light strings. So they don’t jump as much at lower dimmer settings. Chuck told me that trick:) I also use outdoor rated outlet box which also helps keep water out of main box’s that feed LOR controllers. Hope this help!
  20. Chuck you are totally rights! I live in Georgia which I think it rains almost everyday. what helps me is to keep all plugs off the ground and use a very small amount of dielectric grease that seems to keep out the water. I found some pictures of what I did last year. I use plastic yard light stakes to keep plugs off the ground. I also sometimes tie the cord up on back of blow mold to keep plug off the ground. Also if you have blow mold make sure there’s drain hole. A few years ago I KeepEd having gfci trip found out that some of blow mold had filled up with water and shorted out.
  21. Cool do you have any of these? I was just wondering how they compare to the bulbs in post below. I looked on there site I wish they sell 5 pack. It look like they sale box25 C7 for $35 plus $10 shipping which seem high to me. These new old school light strings look cool.
  22. For 15amp breaker 15A x120V=1800W 20amp breaker is 2400W. Side notes max I use rule of thumb and only have 75% load on any breaker. Also LOR control has a fuse under blue cover I think it’s 15A or 20A? My rule of thumb on LOR controllers I don’t put any one channel with more than 5 amps on it. Hope that helps:)
  23. Looks good. There a clear UV spray paint I used on mine to keep the plastic in good shape. Even if they are old it give them a bit of new life.
  24. If you come near metro Atlanta area the Walmart’s near me has them. It looks like mine is it for 50miles there’s at least 15 Walmart in 50miles of me. Also went to Target tonight and saw these small blow mold snowman and Santa on $10dollar table. They looked pretty good to me.
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