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    Lancaster, California, USA
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    being a full time mommy of 7 children, and grandma to Dylan, Aubree and Dustin) I enjoy scrapbooking, writing letters, and coming up with idea's for my Christmas display.
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    stay at home mom to 7 children
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    Kathie's Lancaster Light's is mostly handmade by myself. I spend a lot of time thinking of idea's for my display.

    I put up and take down my display myself, as my husband does not show the same interest as I do.

    I enjoy making disney, nick jr, and other favorite characters. I have made a train, a frosty's tree lot, and this coming 2009 year I plan to add a Santa's house, and Toy shop to my display. I want several new moving things to add to my display as well.

    I hope to have at least 50,000 lights this up coming year.

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  1. Hello! My name is Kathie of Kathie's Lancaster Lights and I am planning for 2012. I have several wood cut out that I have made over the years and I need help. I chose to use the wood that I believe is some of the thinnest wood you can buy at lowes or home depot. Maybe the 1/4" thick. I did that because it was easier for me to cut. I sanded it and then covered it in like 3 coats of outdoor house paint as well in hopes to help with the rain. However when it rains alot my characters start to bend over and I have to go and pull them all up and lay them flat. Its such a pain for me. When I put
  2. HELP! I am needing to replace the motor to this teeter totter with a lighted santa and elf. I know that I bought this from ABC Distrubution years ago but cannot remember the company's name. If anyone knows or how to replace this motor the easiest way please let me know. I am new to doing all this with motors so please break it to me the easier way! Thanks!
  3. hi! does anyone know how to get or to make the replacement candy candys for the gingerbread and elf blowmolds? I am missing a couple and need new ones?? thanks!!
  4. Hello! I am needing to get info on a fence that is about 3 1/2 feet tall. Something people cannot just walk over. This fence will have to come down after xmas so it' also has to be sturdy. In the past I am using pvc but it stands 5 feet tall. With the lights on the fence it's taking away from my display. I am thinking of doing another pvc fence because it can withstand rain/water and with our Lancaster Ca winds it stays up. If anyone has a great idea with pvc please send me pics. Also...I want to do some changing plants in our front yard. We just bought our home 2 years ago and living
  5. I thank you all for your advice!!! I really do! I want to do small themes next year where my display wont be like it is set up now. My issue with the fence is that I put the pvc fence up to keep everyone out. I know if they want in they will get in. I am working on getting a smaller 4 ft fence this year and only putting lights onlong the top. I am trying to find out how much a cherry picker will cost to get the lights up on the top second story of the house. We arent allowed up on the roof due to it will break the tiles and our insurance on them will be non in void. The reason I havent don
  6. Hello! My name is Kathie and I have a Christmas display that I call "Kathie's Lancaster Lights" I have been doing my display now for more then 10 years and I believe in my eyes that it's getting bigger and better with the little knowledge I know. I do this display on my own as I am a female and get basically no help. Well I had entered our area Holiday light Christmas lights contest for Children's Theme. I found out yesterday that even though my yard is full of wonderful children's items and even Christmas children's music my home didnt win. I want some kind of recognization because its a
  7. Hello! I know that **** Norton of Norton'sWinterWonderland.com has his lights in Burbank and I went to a house that is really neat off of 6400 block of Victory and Radford in N. Hollywood. They dont use the channels but deck up their house like its no tomorrow.
  8. Welcome to Planet Christmas!!!!!
  9. OK I FOUND IT! its Weavers Winter Wonderland. You should look it up on YOUTUBE
  10. Hello! I found on youtube a WONDERFUL and HUGE christmas display. Its like his house is all a castle, with the Genie from Aladdin, 101 dalmations, tons more disney. This family's house is big. The only thing is now I can't remember the name on youtube to locate it. If anyone know's it please!! send it to me. I believe'd it to be something with an E but now I can't find anything in a search. Please Help! The display is in N. Cali I just forget the city. sorry!
  11. mskathie32


    WOW! your display is wonderful!
  12. I am so sorry for you having to go through this. That is crazy! Next year...I am taking my display to the other side of my yard. I am concerned because the neighbors sprinklers will get my display wet. So I use a PVC fence and I am going to put clear plastic on the other side (because I put lights on the pvc fence) to help with the water. Just a thought. I hope that you can do something legal as well. It sucks that some people do not like the wonderful things we do for the community.
  13. hello! I am thinking I got myself into something too big for myself. I am setting up my pole for my canopy for lights to go over my yard. I have a pic of how I am doing it. I thought I could just drill a holes into the pvc at the top and zip tie the lights up to the pole. Well I cannot get the drill to drill the holes into the pvc. Maybe I am not pushing hard enough but I am guessing the pvc its harder then I am used to dealing with. I had planned on wrapping the pvc with red lights to give the effect of a candy cane too. Maybe there is something I can makeshift to go on top that will stay and
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