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    Lancaster, California, USA
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    being a full time mommy of 7 children, and grandma to Dylan, Aubree and Dustin) I enjoy scrapbooking, writing letters, and coming up with idea's for my Christmas display.
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    stay at home mom to 7 children
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    Kathie's Lancaster Light's is mostly handmade by myself. I spend a lot of time thinking of idea's for my display.

    I put up and take down my display myself, as my husband does not show the same interest as I do.

    I enjoy making disney, nick jr, and other favorite characters. I have made a train, a frosty's tree lot, and this coming 2009 year I plan to add a Santa's house, and Toy shop to my display. I want several new moving things to add to my display as well.

    I hope to have at least 50,000 lights this up coming year.

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