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    I have an animated lighting display. Since they are local to me, it's been easy to drop in on them and get what I need. I have 4 four channel trees, 4 arches, and 4 poles similar to arches but go straight up into sky.
  1. Any chance I could get a copy of your sequences and MP3? I have 5 controllers and a 16 channel pixel tree. Di205@aol.com
  2. Animated Lighting Controllers

    Do you have any controllers left? I would be interested in 2.
  3. I have been a customer of animated lighting for some time with a monester brain, 5 sixteen channel controllers, and at least 20 songs. Over the last several years, it's getting very hard to get them to respond to request for new products and now I see the BBB has filed suit in November to stop them from selling in Missouri due to undelivered product even after customers paid. Can anyone direct me to another company that could continue to supply controllers, animated characters, and programming for an AL display?