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    I love municipal lanterns and seeing my children's eyes light up with Christmas lights.
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    College professor
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    Municipal lanterns, blow molds, mold craft, shiny brite striped ornaments, chalkware, general electric sugared bells
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    College Professor
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    Large retro display featuring lights, beco nativity, blow mold choir, blow mold angels, and over 10 municipal lanterns.

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  1. Was curious if there is a plan to add municipal blow molds to the site? For example, general plastics lanterns, double sided, bells, etc?
  2. We had a noticeable increase in the number and extent of houses decorating this year. Our community has a contest with small prizes. Typically, it is the same houses taking the top 3 spots and honorable mentions, but this year the judges switched in some of the houses that decorated seemingly for the first time. I thought that was a great idea to motivate more people. Perhaps a "new to decorating" or "rookie of the year" would be a good add to motivate people who may be discouraged by the much larger displays.
  3. Mel, so happy to hear about updating blow-molded!!! There are multiple pictures that don't show up for me now, but it is a tremendous gift and resource.
  4. Awesome neighbor. Those are in great shape
  5. In a town Northeast of Scranton, PA called Peckville. It is worth a pilgrimage if you are ever close to the area. I still think they were shorted on the lightfight--there is nothing like this place.
  6. I've visited this house many times--an annual tradition! They are the nicest people and have the most amazing collection. Many of their items are older and have seen many winters. Whereas I keep my nicer things inside... they seem to put everything outside. They add more each year... I have a closeup of the reindeer head see below. I asked where he got them but now I forget. Maybe Virginia?
  7. Did anyone ever find any info on the black caroler? Would love to know!
  8. I always say the same thing... "born in the wrong era"! Hopefully someone else has a catalog picture of that santa. If not, go through all the old threads. People used to post so much good info and pictures. I've learned the little I know/have from the experts on here.
  9. I couldn't find the santa, but it looks like the bells were in the General Plastics 1962 catalog. I would guess the santa is also General Plastics based on the similarity to some of the ones seen below.
  10. I believe the guy who owned these passed away in a car accident at only 43. They look like they were auctioned off at Jones Bold Mold auction 2 weekends ago. He had quite a collection!
  11. Big J?! I don't like that news. Hope you are ok.
  12. Yes, but not that exact one. The person who owns that one wouldn't sell it to me, but contacted me a year later when she saw one listed on Mercari! So thoughtful... it is my grail piece. Just wish the condition was better, but am grateful just to have one at all.
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