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  1. 2015 Planning - 1. Polar Plunge Tower 2. Spiral Mega Tree 3. New Mini Trees 4. More LEDs 5. More Computer Controllers

  2. Looking for some thoughts, guidance, suggestions relative to making a community brighter by engaging members of the community to put up more lights, encourage more decorating, and/or do themed "lanes/streets", etc. I live in a rural farming community about 4500 folks. In the past long before my time of putting up lights there was a city wide lighting contest and then also folks that did theme by streets/neighborhood's but that has went by the way side. Our Chamber of Commerce does a good job of promoting the holiday activities the first weekend in December. At one time there was a Winterfest parade but that too has become something of the past. I stumbled across this article in a local news website today and shared it with the Chamber. I was contacted today and they said they'd like me to help with some brainstorming. They said there were issues with the contest in the past as it seemed the same people won year over year and folks just stopped participating. Our City Officials are in a phase were they are really trying to promote the community and the way life here as well as trying to attract more businesses, etc. The community already has key events that happen each year that are a staple to our community. I'd like to see the holiday's lighting/decorating expand and become a staple of our community too. That said, does anyone have ideas or suggestions from your communities that promote such but leave a fair playing ground where folks don't get discouraged because the "Johnson's" have an endless bank account and more lights-more over the top decorating is not an issue for them. etc? Perhaps, not even a contest.....something else to get the community more engaged in the holiday decorating... etc. My thought is something that will promote the holiday and fellowship among neighbors/community, etc. Merry Christmas everyone..... Kris @ Lights On Linden
  3. It's all built out of 2x4's and 2x2's. The base pivots and has notches towards the top for my ridge vent. The base lays flat and the notches clear the ridge vent. I have no roof damage thus far and this is year 2 on this set up. The base is basically made up of three parts. Two base half that go on each side of the roof and then a center that rises about 8-10". The bases scissor together with the riser in the middle with like 5" bolts. You'll see the 2x4's close to the floor well those are where I put black'd out sandbags to keep it from going anywhere. 4bags 70lbs each. Then.... The Santa section is mounted to a 2x4. I just drilled holes in the 2x4 and use threaded rods that go through the skis on the sled. That section then bolts to the top portion of the roof base, the 8-10" riser. since I have a full set of deer then they are in two more sections. The second section is four deer and they again just bolt onto the base. The last one is Rudolph and four deer and that bolts on too and just has one 2x4 that comes out to keep in from bouncing if we get a high wind. The deer belly has been cut out just enough so i can side a 2x2 into it and at the belly point i wrap pipe insulation around the 2x2 so it fits snug. I think put one screw through the top of the deer into the 2x2 and one on the side of the deer. I then use galvanized wire and wrap it around the rear hoof on both deer and then center the wire on the deer base and screw that in with a washer... This way the deer barely move and are firmly attached. If you like this idea and have any questions just PM me.
  4. My flag pole is not used for a mega tree but I have three sets of icicles coming down and on top I have a nativity star. What I do is get an automotive hose clamp and them make wire loops that I can bend into hooks to hook up the lights too. so if you have like 12 slices you'd space those hooks around the top of the pole and then clamp down. I then usually wrap this all up with electrical tape. May not be the best set up but it has worked for me the past few years.
  5. I have success with KWI-RS232 USB to Serial converter. http://www.amazon.com/KingWin-USB-Serial-Converter-KWI-RS232/dp/B004OZUKS4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1384444089&sr=8-1&keywords=kwi-rs232 Been using it a few years now. running on older Toshiba Satellite on Windows 7.
  6. basic icicles... white wire... ideally LEDs
  7. I need to replace some of my lights that I've had in use for 3-4 years. They were store bought and I am wondering given we are not in full blown Christmas season quite yet where folks are finding the best places to buy lights. I need to replace about 75' of icicle lights and then about 20 strands of multi color that are roughly 25' in length.
  8. Please point me to what is considered good connectors/tools in Amazon if you do not mind... I was also out side and just noticed there is a two-way splitter on the side of the house so it appears the line even come into the house has already been split.....
  9. Right now the set up is the direct line comes in to the basement into a three way splitter. Of that three way splitter, one goes to the cable modem via a wall mount connection. One feeds a six way splitter and I'm not exactly sure where the third one runs too. Although I've found the issue I think I will still have the tech come and check the line to the house and then the feed into the house. That way I'll know my feed is good and then from there I can made the modifications that have been suggested.
  10. what would you consider a good splitter? Is there any need for the amplifiers?
  11. So my internet connection has been terrible lately. Every time I call support they want to send out a tech which is fine but nothing has changed, have not messed with cable, have a new cable modem, etc. They say I have packet loss and probably due to signal issues. I have a tech coming on Friday but I pulled down my basement ceiling tiles and looked at the maze of coax. The internet began to work much better after isolating the line that runs to the cable modem and I unscrewed it and pushed the coax in a bit more. That said, it seems to me that the connection is bad and I need to have a new connector crimped. However, my cable tv (non-digital non-box - the cheap version) quality is poor.... that said I know it all should be rewired. That said, looking to see if someone can school me as to best way to wire things up, etc. I know some of my TV coax is not the best cable and I know those have terrible connectors. It is sad to say but I have 7 lines for televisions plus the one for my cable modem. I have a ranch stye house so no too terrible long runs of cable. I believe there are three sets of splitters and I have no boosters. I do have a Tivo so coax comes in and then it connects to the HDTV via HDMI. I suppose I could have the cable guy look at all of this and give suggestions but my time is limited and I don't want to shell out money to them to have it all rewired, rather do it myself. -Thanks
  12. Anyone have a singing version of Silent Night they'd mind sharing their LOR sequence with me?
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