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  1. Hi all - I thought there was a "for sale" forum here, but I can't find it. At any rate, I have a few hundred Blue and Black Out caps left in stock, and I'm looking to close them out. If anyone is interested in Color Caps, contact me and make an offer. I've been selling them for $4 per 55 caps, but I would like to get rid of the rest of these for one price. Make an offer. Thanks - Mark
  2. Perhaps this video will help. It is 16 sets on 80,000 square feet (nearly 2 acres). Animated
  3. Hello all - We reevaluated the situation and decided that due to the unprecedented popularity of the product this season, we could not justify running a sale (yet). The Deluxe sets are already selling at more than 30% off of the suggested retail price. In addition, it appears that we may actually run out of the LED sets for a few days around Thanksgiving until our backup stock arrives, which will divert some sales to the incandescents. So, we were unable to launch a big sale like we thought. However, we did add a 'scratch and dent' item to the online catalog. It's a decent deal - $40 each with
  4. Thanks all. Sorry for the late response. I don't know why, but I am not getting email updates when someone posts to this thread. At any rate, regarding dimming - I have been told you can't dim LED sets. I have been asking for someone to explain this to me for a year now, and no one has been able to do it. It does not make sense to me, because an LED set is just a series of diodes with a current limiting resistor (and hopefully a full wave rectifier). The closest I got was a blurb about when the diode is operated at it's threshold forward voltage (about .7 volts), it might do some weird thi
  5. Regarding sales - I don't think there will be any sales on the LED sets this year until perhaps after Christmas. They are just selling too well to warrant a sale. In fact, we might even sell out this year, but we will see how it goes. However, I think we will be having a huge sale on our incandescents - hopefully they will go on sale this weekend if I can get the website modified. We will be selling our deluxe version of incandescent Lawn Lights for more that 50% off! The deluxe sets are awesome because they come on Bayco spools which makes putting them out and picking them up a pleasure!
  6. Just so you know, the Lawn Lights catalog has grown just a little this season. Arriving in November - Red, Green, and Blue sets. Also, there was feedback regarding the spacing between bulbs, so a smaller version will be made available as well (the small sets are for consumers who have tiny areas to decorate). Thanks - Mark
  7. Just so you know, the Lawn Lights catalog has grown just a little this season. Arriving in November - Red, Green, and Blue sets. Also, there was feedback regarding the spacing between bulbs, so a smaller version will be made available as well (the small sets are for consumers who have tiny areas to decorate). Thanks - Mark
  8. Hi Jason. You are absolutely right - 5 feet spacings would be much better for the roof. I had put them on my roof a couple times and got the same response - people loved them and said they looked like stars up there. But the spacing is pretty wide for the roof. We would offer them in 5 foot spacings, but I don't think there would be enough consumer demand for that size. We are considering it though. One thing you might consider is rolling the set out on the ground, folding it back on itself such that it is staggered and you get 5 foot spacings, and then zip tie it together in various s
  9. jjdurrant, please contact me thru the website, if you have not already. I will try to assist you.
  10. Regarding a discount to PC members - I would really love to do that, and I have been trying to think of a way. It is something I have given some thought to. But, several PC members have already bought lawn lights at full price, and I just don't think it would be fair to them to offer them now at a discount. Maybe I'm thinking too much about it, I don't know. But if I had bought something and then a week or month later it was offered at a discount, I would be a little miffed. If anyone has any thoughts on this, I'd entertain them. But for now, I do not anticipate any discounts, just to be f
  11. gsxr7500, thanks for the questions. For your first question, I'm not sure what qualifies as "professional grade lights". They are not graded by the manufacturer that we last used. Also, when you ask if they "burn out easy", it's kind of hard to quantify that. The lamps are regular mini lights just like what you would buy at a retailer. They perform the same as any other. If one bulb burns out, the others remain lit. They have a lifespan. If one does not burn them 24/7 and leave them out for 5 months to corrode in the weather, I think they perform quite well. And even if you do burn them 24
  12. joyfulheart, thank you for your comments. Regarding your first link, I'm not sure what the question is, except that I reposted a year old post almost verbatim. My explaination is that every year about this time I try to make a post or 2 to raise awareness of my product for newcomers (and 'legacy' members) while they plan out their decorations for the season. I copied it almost verbatim because it pretty much says exactly what I want to say every year - so why reinvent the wheel. However, you are right - that sort of does smell of spam/scam, so I should probably avoid the practice. I guess
  13. Hello again, all. I just wanted to invite you all who have not already visited http://www.LawnLights.com to do so and invite you to consider adding this new unique decoration to your display. It has been very popular so far (nationally, and even internationally), and is still relatively undiscovered. Remember when icicle lights first started appearing? Well, Lawn Lights are just as unique and attention grabbing - and MUCH faster and easier to use! As you all know, we are entering a very busy part of the decorating season, so I may be limited on how often I can visit and post. But please fee
  14. Wow! Thanks guys! This is some good stuff. I did not expect so much activity this far out from Christmas. Ok, so thus far, it appears that the vast majority agree that the sealed LED strings are best for outdoor use, because the socketed LEDs tend to rust. Also, I have not heard anyone say that they even NEED to replace an LED, because they rarely (if ever) go out/bad. Lastly, it also sounds like the socketed LEDs are more prevalent than the sealed strings, ironically. Ok. Good. Great info. Now, let's talk a little about brightness and shape. I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on how
  15. Hi all. I need the benefit of your experience to help me develop the next version of Lawn Lights. I will likely discontinue the incandescent version after this 2008 season, and start producing them in LED form. Although customer satisfaction is quite high, there have been a few issues that have caused problems and dissatified customers. I want to make Lawn Lights much more reliable, and I think LEDs will do that. HOWEVER, as with the incandescents, any new product is going to experience 'growing pains'. Therefore, I would appreciate the benefit of your experience to help me make LED Lawn Light
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