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    The birth of Jesus
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    Atlanta, GA.
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    I worked in radio for a few years out of college. For the past 30+ years have worked in logistics and IT. Software development and project manager. Married with 4 children and 9 grandchildren.
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    The Bible, Baseball, Christmas light displays, videography and editing.
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    This year my display will be at least 4 LOR controllers and 6 Cosmic Ribbons, 50,000+ lights.

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  1. Hi Dave, Takes be about 8 - 12 hours to program a 3 minute song depending on how many voices there are and how perfect I want it to be. It isn't really hard if you are used to the LOR sequence editor, just time consuming. I did Burl Ive's Holly Jolly Christmas and that probably took 3 hours but it is a 2 minute song with limited vocal parts. I do sell my sequences if you are interested.
  2. Light O Rama Visualizer shows what my singing snowman and light bulbs will look like this year.
  3. One of the 20 songs in our 2016 light show. 32 channels (LOR) with 4 cosmic ribbons and almost 50,000 LED lights.
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