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    This year my display will be at least 4 LOR controllers and 6 Cosmic Ribbons, 50,000+ lights.
  1. Oh No !! for some reason I wish you wouldn't have told me about this Expo It sounds like HolidayCoro is going to send me a diagram of the singing snowman with guitar. If they do I will be able to create the Visualizer and prop files myself.
  2. I assume you mean the LOR forums (not sure about the LORD Forums). I have posted there as well. Really looking for the Visualizer File or Prop file, I will do my own sequencing. Thanks for the help Here is the reply I got from JR on the LOR forum (this and other posts have been very helpful). I was able to get my hands on some very nice Singing Light Bulb prop and visualizer files.
  3. Thanks for the file !! Maybe someone has a good image of the singing snowman that I could use as a background to create a visualizer or prop file from? Needs to be a digitally drawn image of some kind with dimensions of no more than 1600 x 900 pixels, not a photo of the actual Coro Board as I have tried that already and it does not work well. Any help is greatly appreciated and I am willing to compensate someone for the help.
  4. Everything I've found on the forum is fairly old so hopefully this will bring some new life to this topic. I have the HolidayCoro singing light bulbs and snowman, looking for someone that has a nice visualizer prop file that will help me sequence these characters in the LOR Sequence Editor. I am more than willing to pay for a good prop file that includes all 8 channels for the snowman and another prop file with all 8 channels for the singing light bulbs. The prop file should be a complete image of each character with the proper channels assigned and lights drawn as in the HolidayCoro instructions. Even something that is close that I can modify will be good at this point. Thanks in advance for any help