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    My sister's first animated CHRISTMAS window in her home 's bow window years ago.... Animated elves , artificial snow and animated Santa Claus....Blew me away....really did a very nice display..
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    Queens, New York
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    Enjoy being a Jack of all trades,master of none
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    tinkering on old clocks , old toy trains , old outboard motors ,gardening ,Telco animations etc...
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    Try to due a little variation every year. Not as much as I used to do when I was a little younger ....To do a nice window takes time and a little work . Wish I had a twin to help out now in this department !

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  1. I'd like to start fixing some of my DAVID HAMBERGER Christmas figures.Has anyone ever used the expanding foam insulation to fill in and reconnect a broken arm or leg to the main body of the doll? Also how to restore a doll missing an left arm from the shoulder to the tip of the hand.Thanks
  2. I too don't use Facebook and would most likely cease in seeking out help in the restoration of old David Hamberger animated Christmas displays..Slowing down a little with the age and not really looking to sign on other websites for those in the know on on this subject. Would like to " Thank all " who have giving me ideas and possible solutions to a variety of minute problems on this subject.Thank you too Chuck for even having the idea of a place where people doing similar things like this can help each other. I''ll still be here on the side reading the different stories and remedies folks ha
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