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  1. Items For Sale I am coming to the Mini and bringing a carfull of goodies. I have recently moved and will have to start over on my display so I am offering some of my surplus. Please look for me in Celebration. ED Item Price Qty Lights Green, 100 ct $1.00 4 Green, 70 ct $1.00 4 Green, 140 $1.00 1 Gold,
  2. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Count me in. I am bringing some stuff (lights, enclosures, power supplies) to sell or trade if we get the chance. Ed
  3. I saw some interesting snowfall LED icicles this year. The municipal display in St Pete was outstanding. The only ones I could find were too expensive ($39.99 @ KMart) and too closely spaced (12 icicles on a 11ft strand). Anyone have a good source for the icicles in bulk? I would probably need to splice in additional wire for distance. What about hacking them for greater control? Thanks, Ed
  4. Thanks Brian, I had lost the info on the PVC Clip. What size do you use and how wide is the clip? I went ahead and ordered from the website just to have for next year's display. Merry Christmas. Ed
  5. Hi, I am cross posting this from the Wireframe group in hopes that someone can help me out pronto. Thanks,, Ed
  6. I need to hang a wireframe bell fom my vinyl siding. The double bell weighs around 10 lbs and the strongest peel-n-stick hook is rated for 3lb. What do you recommend? Thanks and Merry Christmas, Ed
  7. Hi, just came across this old post. Have you been up to Laudy(sp?) to visit Lori's DeLights? They are very friendly and will probably share some tips and sell you supplies. See her vendor page here on PC.
  8. Paul you and your wife did a great job. I enjoyed the day and it was great to connect with other enthusiist. I am looking forward to seeing you and the rest in Jax in April, Ed
  9. Pretty cool. If you have Wii and switch over to Light Show Pro you can actually map the guitar to lights!
  10. Thanks Paul. Looking forward to seeing you in Septmmber. Ed
  11. NICE! That is very creative. Good choreography. I like the "sundail" thingie nad the way uou use the three arches. I had neber thought of juggling before but your display opens up a whole new method. Thanks, laser633
  12. OK, Y'all think you're good because you can light a BUSH. These guys light something BUSHY lol (Oh yeah, it is clean and family appropriate.) ED
  13. Yeah but hey won't be open unil Sept 10th. I know because I was at their door this morning. Oh well, maybe next month. Ed
  14. Are you using DUCT TAPE to secure your LOR boards? I bought 5 of these boxes and the price is great. I bought, from an electrical supply house (you could use "Grainger"), Hoffman backpanels p/n A1412. The backpanels cost as much as the Skycraft boxes but give me a secure platform to mount my various components. You could probably fabricate your own backpanels from plywood or aluminum. Go to Hoffmanonline.com and look for the spec sheet A14128CHSCFG to get a dimentional drawing showing you where the mounting screws go. http://www.hoffmanonline.com/stream_document.aspx?rRID=105091&a
  15. Yeah, they still have over 200 in stock. Heck of a deal though.
  16. I just cme across this deal: http://skycraftsurplus.com/projectboxesinstrumentcases.aspx 14 X 12 X 8 for $12.50 and cheaper with quantity! They look used and might have holes but WOW! ED
  17. I am coming up after work Friday. Hope I can still get in on diner. ED
  18. Look Good to me. I like "Thai Hot". BTW, Don't go into the restaurant menu business; your naming skills are, well... "Domesticated Foul Side Apendages with 3rd degree burns" = BBQ Chicken wings. Ed
  19. Thanks Mike. That is a great sampler site. Howdo I download fromthereor isit just a place to hear songs and then search for themon other sites?
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