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    All of my Christmases as a child were magical. My mom made it that way. We had Elvis and Brenda Lee on the stereo and the red, blow mold lamps on the front porch. My mom was the kind who would put a necklace or a brick in a gift to make you think it was something other than what it was! To this day, my mom makes custom Christmas ornaments that are totally awesome.
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    Louisville, Kentucky
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    I am a retired Police Commander (29 years).
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    Vintage signs, advertising signs, blow molds, sleighs, Elvis Christmas items, vintage Christmas items. I also own the only fully restored Merrymobile ice cream truck in the U.S. It is a 1958 model and can be seen on the Merrymobile Facebook page.
  • Occupation
    Retired Police Commander but currently the Deputy Director of Emergency Services for Louisville, Ky.
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    My Christmas displays include blow molds, sleighs, Santa Claus Land Indiana memorabilia, Graceland Department 56, my mom's homemade ornaments, Christmas items from my Grandparents home, etc.

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  1. Thanks!!! Interesting. I bought the aluminum mold at the GF auction. Always wondered who made it.
  2. Does anyone have a picture of this mold in a catalog? Thanks!
  3. I have never seen this lighted piece before. It is a metal frame and the panels are interchangeable. It is about 4 feet tall. Santa is in there right now. The bells and caroler can be rotated in and out as well. It is double sided and will hold two panels at a time. Any info or history would be appreciated! Thanks!!
  4. Thanks! I have learned a ton from this group and it's good to have a nice find every once in a while.
  5. Picked up this guy today because of the kindness of a fellow member in another group. Friendships matter. I was thrilled to get it.
  6. Thank you Jeff! That is very kind of you! Kelly
  7. I was able to grab this pile of old bells today for 10.00. I am not always about condition but also history. Estate consignor said they were used in small town of Mineral Wells, Texas. I like em'.
  8. Mel, I know anything is possible but do you think someone may have taken pieces from 2 and used on a single piece? Mix/match?
  9. Many thanks!!! Trying to get the history now and will let you know. As always, you are all awesome!
  10. Anyone know manufacturer? He is double sided.
  11. I don't know for sure. We have had ours since the 1960's.
  12. I have several of these that have been in my family for over 45 years. I have been trying about that long to figure out who made them. LOL....They are 10" tall. Does anyone know the manufacturer was?
  13. Does anyone else have this municipal piece? It is a single, double-sided piece. I bought it at auction today. Just looking for info/history. Thanks!! Kelly
  14. Mel: I did actually set that one aside. For now...........
  15. Just to let everyone know, I'm the guy who is trying to buy several of the specific molds. I have been silent for a while on this subject. I was at the Tarboro auction and have since made 4 trips back to mark the molds I was interested in. The buyer has now moved them all to his warehouse and I will be meeting with them this Friday to see if we can agree on price on the ones I had wanted to preserve. I am not in the mold business but a long time collector. I can't stand by and watch all of them get destroyed but I have no illusions about making any fortunes with them either. I am a retired pol
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