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    My mom and brother were taking the HUGE holiday turkey out of the roasting pan and dropped it on the floor! So, my mom and brother retrieved that rascal, brushed him off and plopped him onto the platter like nothing ever happened! Mom and brother were snickering throughout the dinner while everyone were making comments on how wonderful the turkey tasted. Little did we know, the bird had taken a dive onto the floor before arriving as our Christmas feast! Mom passed away not long after that Christmas, but it is with fond, loving memories we remember our beautiful, humorous mom and that wonderful Christmas when she dropped the turkey.
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    Ontario, Canada
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    Born and raised in Michigan. Moved to Ontario, Canada in 2000 and have lived here every since.
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    Collecting Mold-Craft Inc. and Heller blow molds and avid eBayer.
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    Health and Safety Speciailist
  • About my display
    Will soon be a photo of all my Mold-Craft/Heller carolers, Santa with original sleigh and nativity display; hopefully!

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I think I got the blow mold bug when I was a kid.  Back in the 1960's, my dad and I used to go to the city dump once a week and happened to find a brand new 1959 Noma lighted Santa there.  After that, I was always intrigued and admired blow molds.  It wasn't until approximately 20 years ago that I really started seriously collecting blow molds.  At first, I started off collecting the plastic blow molds such as, the Poloron mechanical Santa, snowmen,  Beco carolers (large and small, with and without wings), Beco church and the Beco mechanical Santa.  I sold all of them and became interested in Artistic Latex Form Company (ALFCO) carolers.  I was drawn to them because they brought back childhood memories.   I used to see them in the local store window Christmas displays in my little hometown.  So once upon a time, I owned 20 ALFCO carolers, the Easter bunny and a carousel horse head bust.  The material they are made out of tends to crack and disintegrate over time and they need to be stored where the temperature and humidity can be closely regulated.  Due to not having a temperature regulated storage area for them, I recently decided to sell off my entire collection.  I was also collecting Mold Craft Inc. and Heller Industries blow molds at the same time as the ALFCO figures, which are still in my current collection today.  

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