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    I just like to see cards or people saying thank you still for putting up the display.
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    Onalaska, Wisconsin USA
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    Moving to Colorado
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    Christmas RGB - animated lights
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    Animated lighting display with 13 boxes of approx 30,000 lights

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    Whole Xmas light show for sale - moving from WI to CO, over 20,000 led lights RGWB, 5 white arches- 11 contonollers of various amps owned since 2008. Put up every year without fail- complete system monster brain.


  2. Mr Ayo! You mentioned that the Wal Mart brands were not that good last year for LEDs, I bought some of the Icicle Star Blue and White LED strands, are you familiar with these? Do they work well or not with animation? Txs for your input.
  3. Most of my LEDS are from Paul, C6, M5's. However I did get last year after Xmas from Lowes some of theres and they are replaceable sets, I'll see how they do this year. After some of the posts I've read. I hope they make it through the season. At $2/box I couldn't pass them up.
  4. Thanks. Do you think also that the effects will decrease the life of the LEDS, or I'll just have to wait and see.
  5. Is it possible to use an old incadescent multi-function light controller and connect it to LED stringers and get the same effects?
  6. Thank you fotr the quick reply and lastly, do you know if there was ever a post to make the tree topper star?
  7. Does anyone know if Mike Z made the tree topper for the "Z-Tree" or did he buy it somewhere?
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