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    A Christmas carol
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    Garrett Indiana
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    I love Christmas lights and effects. President of the city's parks board. Won the last two of the city glow competition
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    Christmas, Halloween, stained class, led glass, computers
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    Software validation FDA engineer
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    It started out small but grown yearly

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  1. This is my 2019 Christmas display ending every evening with Mannheim Steamrollers Silent Night. I use Light-O-Rama software and controllers for my display. My setup consists of 8 light controllers, 1 dumb RGB controller, and 1 DMX controller that give 92 channels in use for each song. ( 16 songs total)
  2. Two days after Christmas I setup my Light-O-Rama display to run hourly Westminster chimes running through New Years ending with auld lang syne at the strike of midnight
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