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    I love Christmas...everything about it. From decorating, to the family time, to everything having to do with LOR and Christmas design.
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    My display continues to grow. Last year there was 48 channels of LOR, this year there will be 96. Nothing but lights, lights, lights.

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  1. You could just spend the money to rip down all the brick on your house, make it a lighter color and than buy some Extreme's. At least that would be my recommendation
  2. In the LED world, darker surfaces are always going to be the most difficult to light. Brick houses are probably the houses that we get the most complaints about it. It is just the nature of the beast. Do get the coloring that you may be used from videos or products you have seen on lighter color houses, you will need a fairly expensive DMX light. Your biggest issue will probably be with the "red" based colors of an RGB light. They will probably not show up as they would on a lighter color surface. Again, if you really want them to be super bright, on a dark colored surface, the bigger lights are probably your best bet. Greg
  3. CWG, If you have any questions about the Rainbow Products, shoot me an email directly at [email protected] With a lighter color house like yours the Rainbow Flood Extreme's would really POP on your house. Adding tremendous amounts of light and of course you wouldn't have to build the light if you didn't want to. Would be happy to help you with anything related to RGB lighting if you would like. Greg
  4. Clark... I responded to your support request, I hope you got it. I believe your issue is you are using the LOR adapter, which is not putting the DMX signals out on the DMX standard pin outs. Greg
  5. Hi All, I am looking for just a few (about 2 of each size) LED C7 and C9 bulbs that are dimmable. I ordered the sample pack from Travis at LEDHolidayLighting.com, but because he just takes money and doesn't ship products, I am now here 4 months later still waiting. He keeps telling me they are delayed because of the switch to a different company. Anyway, this isn't supposed to be a trash Travis post as there are plenty of them...I am hoping someone has a few they can spare. I of course would pay for them as well as shipping. I don't care about color at all, as long as they work. Just need to do a little testing. Anyone have a few they can spare? Pretty please.... Thanks, Greg
  6. Richard I do not envy where you live! haha
  7. All switching is done on the negative side. Positive is "common."
  8. A couple of things here. First off, was the controller losing connectivity? Mean did the light go from solid to blinking? If so, that usually means that the 12 volts wasn't constantly regulated from the power supply to keep the board active. I have found that the board is very particular about a constant 12 volts for power. Second, I haven't used those power supplies, but I always find that eBay stuff is just plan ole' junk. It really isn't worth my time looking. It is usually fairly inconsistent in quality and that whole no return policy always gets me. I continually recommend and use 4 of myself, these power supplies.... http://circuitspecialists.com/prod.itml/icOid/8514 That is the 12.5 amp version but they also sell an 18 amp version. They work great, I have not had any issues and are really worth every penny in my book. Sorry for the explosion though....did the floods survive? Greg
  9. That was great!! I don't think you repeated an effect...ever! Pretty impressive. However, I always get the feeling that a giant plant is going to come out and eat anything with blood in it no matter what flower shop I go to. You should sequence Suddenly Seymour...hahaha
  10. Thanks for the kind words guys...but unfortunately he isn't the first person to bring this up. There must be something wrong in the coding of the contact page but some people can get through and others don't. I am working with the store software people to find a fix. If ANYONE ever needs to get in contact with me you can always email me directly at greg at christmasonmanor.com.
  11. Hi Bob, I didn't see any email from you, I apologize if it got stock in cyber space..... Anyway, as Bill said, the Combo Kits come with the adapters to attach the floods to the enclosures that you can pick up at Lowe's. We will give you everything you need, except the enclosure and cat-5 cable. Again, sorry for the delay in response. Greg
  12. Terry, They are approx. 6x4.5" The mounting holes are in places to allow you to put the floods on an angle inside the enclosure with both jacks installed.
  13. Just to add to this (great guide by the way) you do not need to take off the black electrical enclosure if you don't want too. However, you will need to make your cat-5 cables. The wires fit perfectly through the holes and allow you to bring them out the back. It will do away with one step...if you wanted.
  14. Pat, Not sure if you saw this on my site, but it is on the Support page. http://www.christmasonmanor.com/pdf/RGB%20Channel%20Setup.pdf Its purpose is to show how to use the the Rainbow Brain with the newer version of S2, but it will give you an idea of how it works...
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