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  1. Even the empire plastic was better quality than general foam. Big difference if you put the 2 together and light it up. Really shows on the white in the snowman. Still didn’t deter me from buying their product but it could have been made with much better quality
  2. Maybe I’ll head down there soon with cash in hand and tell him I want to spend the money here but it’s not all or nothing. Only a little over an hour away so maybe I can pester him to separate.
  3. Totally agree. I’d pay 30, 40, or 50 dollars for certain blow molds but not taking all or nothing. Seems like he just wants someone to get it off his hands and take it all but for the right price. If you find out more, or they cave in and allow people to buy separate, let me know. I"ll take a ride down there and spend a bit of money.
  4. Did he say if he would separate or does it have to be the whole thing? I’d like to run down there on my day off and look at everything but no way I’d buy the whole lot. Especially for 15k.
  5. I emailed the person but they haven’t responded I"ll call them my next day off. Doubt they’re going anywhere for a while.
  6. American Sales has the light chords.
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