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  1. Overall from my LHL 2010 purchase - I lost a total three sets of green. Most of my failures were immediate (within a few weeks of use) and I have not continuing to see a trend of increased failures. Thankfully the loss was not as bad as my sets loss as the 2009 CDI ones (which out of 36 sets is now nearing 100% loss) My overall purchase was 5 sets each of 5mm red,green,blue, and warm white. 24 sets of 5mm red, 12 sets of each of red, green, blue, and warm white. One thing of interest to note: The UL code on the LHL lights does match the 2011 lights from CDI and 2012 and 2013 lights from Magic in the Sky. I finally did a proper replacement this year of the greens that had died from lights from a MITS order (ordered 4 sets of green, since I didn't remember how many had gone out) and also added snubbers to each output on the mini trees (48 channels.) I am a Vixen/DIY person - hardware is a mix of DMX and Renard 24 controllers. Hopefully this helps answer some questions! May not be the final answer, but, this is the experience I had.
  2. Chuck, there should be a way to request to "join group" then I can add you in - should be located on the upper right of the page when you go to it.
  3. No go on the trees - they went to that bitbucket in the sky.
  4. As mentioned at the mini - the http://www.lightuparizona.com now goes along to a new Facebook group for easy communication for the local folks!
  5. Long time no reply - if I moved these to storage I'll take a look and see........... Life kind of "got in the way" I don't think I sent them to the dump.
  6. Was this the one that was at Lowes this past year? Effeil tower with the snowflakes?
  7. Little bit of solder, coat with liquid electrical tape and a little piece of heat shrink tubing over the cut and you'll be fine. I've broken / cut / etc a few myself over the years, and they are fine. If you want to get "really" advanced, you can get adhesive lines heat shrink tubing (I've always had to by adhesive online) and it'll be a perfect waterproof seal.
  8. Tara, I think this is the more the merrier, I'm just startin to "get back in" after what will be two years off (in a sense) and looking forward to it!
  9. Darn, its 1 week to early for me. I won't be arriving in Indy until the 29th!
  10. Also will bring a couple of my DIY items. I have a DIY e1.31 interface to allow for DMX or DIY (Renard) protocols, and also should have a brand new E682 from San Devices. Also, if anyone is looking for C9 bulbs, I have a HUGE amount that I'd like to sell - I have Red / Green / White incandescant, and LED C9 Blue - There are about 200 or so bulbs of each color, all strands are zip tied together. If anyone is interested, please send me a message.
  11. Its comming along - hope to have a completed base this weekend. Also started in on the "lift header" for the lights by rolling some 2" flat bar into a circle.
  12. Here's one of the 48 light balls.
  13. With 38,400 lights on it plenty tall I think topping out with the star around 65 feet. (50 ish feet lit)
  14. This will be my thirst mega tree base, and most likely the final one! Year 1 and 2: 1/2" PVC Year 3: 1/2" flat bar with weld tabls (worked better than I thought) Year 4: Rolled 1/2" square tubing The photo shows 160 feet of 1/2 steel tubing that has had a curve added to it! Next year I think I'll be remaking my leaping light arches out of steel pipe also (now that I have a roller to put a curve in steel.) The sections are 8' 3" each when cut down (so a 65' circumference on the tree) and will be welded and pinned together with internal pinning.
  15. Haven't seen much recently - it's been quiet here (and I haven't had the energy recently)
  16. FrankAZ


    I'm sure I can get a full nativity set into a USPS flat rate box.
  17. After using motion lights for years - then went to LEDs. One trick I learned was I used 4 channels running random fades and then overlaid the lights and it gives a nice random flowing look.
  18. Get well soon! On a side note - at 34 - I'm a thyroid cancer survivor myself, so if you have questions - shoot me a PM.
  19. I've had good luck with pambina impex - ebay/web seller - for wire rope and supplies - pricing is a fraction of Home Depot/Lowes. I just purchased the 2500 ft roll of 1/16 for 92.
  20. Lots of steel and the use of electric winches! (for big trees and electric winch is awesome - my tree uses three)
  21. I have 6 - model on sticker is T2435 - let me know.
  22. Let me check my stock room - I have some of those I think - target sold them for 2 years and I may have 6-12 (used one season) but they haven't come out for a couple as I've gotten lazy!
  23. Never ever leave a 12 pack (doesnt matter much of what it is) in the car in AZ - it was 114 today (which means it's 190-200 inside a car in the sun) And yes - it sucks - it gets everywhere - be thankful it was ginger ale and not cola.
  24. I use tapatalk myself - best thing is it shows new unread threads!
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