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  1. Yeah, definitely attempt to repair that snowman. Too valuable to toss.
  2. Can anyone recommend or know of a company who sells wireframes? Looking for the frames of various Christmas shapes minus the lights, like snowmen, Christmas trees, etc. I can add the LED lights. Thnx, Scott
  3. That is awesome, patriotic and original. Good job.
  4. Be careful on those ladders! I left Xmas lights on a tall oak tree years ago for one year and the colored ones turned clear due to the elements. I rented one of those bucket devices to install the lights. Hope to see some pics.
  5. Big J, with 1800+ posts. We will have to vote on your retirement. In the meantime, please stay on as a consultant.
  6. I’d be willing to trade a new Stuart minion blow mold for either a new Otto minion blow mold or a new 31” Christmas gnome blow mold (from Walmart). [email protected]
  7. Penguins1: which soldiers are you referring; the green ones? They do have them here in the Wal-marts. I did find this snowman and nutcracker for $29 at local H.D. They are very heavy and have led lights.
  8. Those blow mold gnomes are the best. Don’t blame you for buying one. I came so close the other day at wal-mart. Don’t understand the way big-box stores ration out their products....I had always believed that part of their attraction was to have the same products regardless of where you shopped.
  9. Went to 3 local Walmart’s. Finally found one gnome on display. Put it in my cart, paid for it, and was stopped by an employee who said it won’t be sold until after Christmas. Yeah, right! Can’t believe this store only had one. The first Walmart did have the green soldiers, they look pretty good.
  10. Here is an update on those minions. According to one Lowe’s employee I just spoke with, some Lowe’s will be getting the minion blow molds, and some Lowe’s won’t. Their item numbers are 2127478 & 2127479.
  11. Hey, Scott Rob, I tried those numbers but the minions don’t come up. Since you gave me the phone number for your local Lowe’s, I will call them in the morning. Thank you for helping me and providing those numbers. I’ll let you know how it ends up. Scott McK
  12. Thnx for the pics, but I actually need the Lowe’s item number, it’s on the label at the store along w/the price. Please.
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