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  1. Are they painted too dark, where light wouldn’t show through, as maybe they weren’t meant to be lit? LED lighting is the way to go, but be strategic when making any holes for lighting. Are you familiar with hole saws? If you can, post a pic so we can better see what you’re up against.
  2. Thank you for sharing the video. Very appreciative of the hours spent building and operating this train. Awesome. Hope you’re still using it.
  3. Remarkable, absolutely. This is what most of us think or dream about doing, but you guys did it. And such attention to fine detail. Will we ever see s video?
  4. That sounds like quite a task. Most people on this forum would love such a challenge. Either you or the city officials need to decide if it will be RGB or white. Then confirm if there is electrical power available at each building. Create a schedule for getting things done ‘cause you really want these lights in place and tested by early November. Get help, don’t try to do it all by yourself. Have fun, it’s what we love doing. Hope to see some pics. P.S. White is nice but you may have more options with RGB. Especially if you’re doing this for years to come.
  5. You are one lucky guy! As many times as I’ve stopped in to my local Goodwill store, they never have any good Xmas stuff like that.
  6. Yeah, I wasn’t impressed with its’ looks either. Not much style.
  7. I got an email this morning from Mr. Christmas and it was showing that QVC is selling those 31"blow mold candles for $41 plus shipping. Run by batteries, not a plug. Looked kinda ‘lightweight’ as though the wind could blow it over. I didn’t buy any. The QVC rep said that he has 900 to sell.
  8. Thank you Zman, will ck it out! My wife and I drove through Celebration not that long ago.
  9. Wish there was a similar show on this side of the country. We live near central Florida. Any attendees willing to take and post pictures for the rest of us? Thnx, Scott.
  10. Can you figure the shipping both snowmen cost to 34202 Florida?  I’m interested!!

    1. RichardG


      I’m sorry I am just now seeing this. 
      If you want you can email me as well. 
      Shipping is a flat rate of $65. However I’m also in Florida near Gainesville. So you could do local pick up if you’re up for a drive. 

  11. Great—-good idea. Kids, too?
  12. When will we be able to order one? Can you please let us know? Thnx.
  13. Was wondering if anyone on this forum has purchased outdoor Xmas/Halloween display items from places like Christmas Lights Emporium, Christmas Lights D-light, etc? I’m interested in the wire frames w/LED lights, maybe even animated with their controllers. Just asking for any experiences you’ve had. Please share. Scott aka rotatorman. Also, if you can tell me how to post a short video on P C of my Xmas display, I’d appreciate it.
  14. No, I have not ordered from them, but just ck’d out their site. Prices seem ok.
  15. So I just ck’d out the Christmas Lights Emporium and every item they sell is listed as ‘sold out’. Are they out of business?
  16. I watched the Christmas Lights Etc. video and was disappointed they didn’t show the lights twinkling. I wasn’t sold on purchasing, especially at that price.
  17. Enjoyed the video. Lots of creativity. That’s a lot of hard work.
  18. To jgwood: saw your for sale post from 2018. Still for sale?
  19. McKinley, here’s your answer; the power supplies in the Amazon link are all 12v D.C. which is too much voltage for a single LED, which typically operate at 3volts or less. It’s critical to match the output voltage as closely as possible. Your original nameplate is showing 2 - 4 volts. Going over or under will kill or greatly reduce the life of your device being powered. For output current, the replacement must be equal or greater than the original. ‘Using a replacement with higher amperage capacity could actually be good since it allows for cooler operation and consistent voltage. The device being powered will only use the current as needed.
  20. Yes, I will send your question and see what he says. I’ll get back to you soon.
  21. Donna, your memory is phenom! The reason I was there in Albany-Schenectady was to purchase transit coaches from the NovaBus facility there. The employees at the plant were great, in fact, the manager there was pretty cool. He owned a bar nearby and parked a motorcycle outside the bar 24/7 and no one dared to mess with it. The bar also had a working motorcycle hanging on a wall that they would start once a week. We also did the bob sled ride in Lake Placid. I’d like to visit there again. Merry Christmas.
  22. I sent your question to a relative who is very good at electrical stuff. He said it won’t work and that it may have been made to use in Europe since the primary side input is 240v, where in the U.S. our voltage is 110v. Amazon sells a 110v to 220v step up/step down power voltage converter, made by Lineba. Not sure what you’re going to use this for, but be careful.
  23. For business reasons I spent a little time in Albany-Schenectady and Saratoga Springs about 15 or so years ago. Easy to love those places, so much to do. We came from Cleveland which is kinda in the Great Lakes snow belt, and it looks like you are in a snow belt also. Happy shoveling.
  24. Make sure you purchase the dielectric grease that’s made for waterproofing electrical connections. Because there’s more than one kind. I think raising your connections off the ground and onto 2 x 4’s should help. I tried using electrical tape on my outdoor Christmas light connections; but if rain or snow gets past the tape, then that moisture is held in there. Lowe’s sells those round locking electrical connectors for such an application, but I have not tried them. They’re green, plastic. Merry Christmas!
  25. I’m wondering if you are referring to dielectric grease? Electricians use it when making electrical connections.
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