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  1. Hi all - I got this wireframe from Lowes, and some animals bit on the led strip light. Now half of the wireframe is lit and the bottom half is dark. Any advice or anyone who can assist to restring the light? Thanks!
  2. Hi all - I am so new to the DIY Christmas decoration. I have some wireframe that I need to replace the incandescent lights with LED. I bought some RGB waterproof tape light on Amazon and zip tie to my frame, and it works great. However both the built in chase controller and 12V power adapter are not waterproof. Can you tell me how to waterproof or change the non-waterproof power adapter to waterproof adapter? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi Rotatorman - can you include some of the pictures for your trees please? I love to see it. Also will the PVC be strong enough to support it? Thank you Rich in Las Vegas, Rotatorman, and superdave. Have a great holiday, everyone
  4. Hi all - I have several spiral lights bought from Lowes and lost the pole as well as the base. Can someone tell me how to custom make the pole and the base for it. I enclosed the picture of the spiral light. Thank you in advance
  5. Thank you Rich in Las Vegas and Scott Rob. You guys are great. Happy Holidays to you, all
  6. Hi all - Can someone tell me what kind of glue or epoxy that I fix the cracked base of the airblown motor? Thaks!
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