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  1. Maybe I was reading it wrong, but is this site offering strings of 100 LED M6 lights for $186? Maybe it's just me, but that is WAYYYYYYY overpriced!!!
  2. Value? I don't pay anything. I just hand over one of these little plastic thingamajiggers and don't have to worry about a thing... On a completely unrelated topic, I keep getting nasty phone calls from "collections" aboutan account in "default" and "severely overdue" and my credit is bad and blah blah blah. Too much legal mumbo jumbo for me.
  3. Ah, Christmas in March. Something like this comes down to township laws or homeowners association rules. If either of them apply and none of them are confronting you, then you aren't doing anything wrong. On the other hand, I will say that there's probably too much of a good thing...many people get bugged when someone leaves a strand of Christmas lights on their gutters too long for example. I'll admit, that after a while I get a little self-conscience about the way my yard looks if I leave things up for too long. But never once have I had anyone complain to me. This year I had everythi
  4. I got 7 boxes of white LEDs at Costco's in 2006. Used 4 sets that year, and 1 of them had a yellow glow to it. In 2007, only used 2 sets (due to a change in display design). Unfortuanately, after I spent the time putting them up, one of the sets I chose was that darn yellowed strand! One would think I would mark that so I won't choose it again. Nahhh...too much work!
  5. The only time I had Starbucks Coffee was at a *free* vending machine inside a Honda dealership. How was it? Well, I'll put it this way...If you got nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.
  6. I'm not a huge eBay fan to begin with. My purchases consist of a few traffic lights and some various other items. One of my last purchases I was very disappointed with was a Belkin unit...and the one I gotwith a black screen obviouslywasn't the one pictured in the ad!!!
  7. Earlier in the season I had 'Christmas Carolers' - 3 boys that definitely needed singing lessons! But what they really wanted were the speakers turned on so they could hear the music since they were just walking by. I recognized 2 of these kids as ones that were asking me about my display around Halloween when I was working with my halloween decorations. Very nice and pleasent kids, and they stood out front listening to the music and watching the show.
  8. Biggest Disappointment of the Day: A Valu-Plus near where I work (kinda like a dollar store) has some fairly ratty decorations, but they hada lotof very decent looking 18" stars and snowflakes, which I could definitely use. Saw them last week for $5; figured they'll be half off after Christmas. Went back today, and they were BOXING EVERYTHING UP!!! I talked to the manager, and she said that they just store everything till next year. What a wasteof space, not to mention loss of immediate revenue, not to mention my display will suffer!!!!
  9. At 3 Targets this morning (technically 2, since I didn't buy anything at the 3rd): 7200 Blues 4800 Reds 4800 Greens 7 boxes of 6' x 4' net lighting for my ice-skating pond. 3, 80' Green Extension cords (they were half price - $6.49 each. The 40' green cords were not, and they were $9.89 each!) 2, 6' artificial trees at Target. Had gotten 2 more at 30% off last week, and 2 at full price ($19.99) in November. They form a nice backdrop in front of the house. Various other small things. Looking around for clear lights, but not particular where I get them since they tend not to
  10. Here's a great way...BINDER CLIPS!!! One of mine suffered a large rip last year. Mom-in-Law sewed it back up, along with hot glueing it. Worked for awhile then it ripped open again. What I did instead was get a dozen or so medium sized binder clips, folded the tear over itself a little, and put the clips on side-by-side. Haven't had a problem since! Of course, if the rip is in the front, it won't an attractive fix. But in the back, it works well, and only costs $3 or so.
  11. Getting there...way too slowly! About 89.2% complete. As of last night, I'm pretty sure I can go live at some point tonight. I still need to set up my Gingerbread House &Gingerbread men. Next is to put another blow up in the yard, and wire the lights into the LOR unit (last year, I seperated the lights from the fan, so the fan can run continously while the lights are activiated electronicly. Then, set up 3remaining soldiers (out of 12 total) along the driveway. Finally, I need to get the water out of my 8'snowglobe. Usually, I have the fan blowing 24/7 to prevent that problem. But, w
  12. Chris in Ct wrote: Same holds true for those that steal Christmas Trees from tree farms or the side of the road.
  13. Here's New Jersey's law concerning shoplifting: http://tinyurl.com/3786tg. And to point out the portion that refers to when the crime of shoplifting has been attempted, it's in 2C:20-11 b. 2, 3, 4, and 5, where intention is what matters, not actually leaving the store. Now In rule #6, they do state that if you are using a shopping cart, the act of shoplifting occurs when you leave the store.
  14. Actually, laws vary state-to-state concerning when they can detain and/or arrest you for stealing. In some states you have to leave the store in order to be considered stealing something. In other states, the simple act of concealing merchandise is considered probable cause. In my state of New Jersey, they subscribe to the latter. If you are in a store, and switch merchandise from one box to another, or place something in your pocket or under your shirt, security or store personal can immediately stop you.
  15. Yeah, this is absolutely stealing. Just as bad as when price tags are switched on a product - that's considered stealing also. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, one of their reporters was describing a recent experience. She went in to a Kmart or some place trying to find a pair of shoes, along with many other things. She found a pair, but not in a box. She found a box, put them in there, then went to the register. Just after she paid for them, security came up and took her to the back. She was caught placing a more expensive pair of shoes into a box with a cheaper price. She tried pr
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