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    Is an $500.00 electric bill too much?
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    (Garret) The Inflatable King Of Ohio

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    A Charlie Brown Christmas
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    I collect Airblown Inflatables and do a huge display for Halloween and Christmas. I do small displays for Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Saint Patrick's Day, Easter, and The Fourth Of July.
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    believe it or not I drag race.
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    Filled with over 100 Inflatables, lights everywhere and a few Blowmolds. Each display is bigger and better than the last.

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  1. What does that talking Santa say? My aunt has one and I was wondering what it did. She also has a snowman that looks like a talking one because of the sensor and speaker hole on the back. if you would know what snowman I’m talking about, it has a blue jacket, long nose, and red and green scarf. They both have infrared sensors on the front of them. I’ll have to take a picture of them this Christmas.
  2. Wow it’s really interesting seeing all those molds
  3. Holy cow! Great work! That’s a lot of inflatables! You even have some prototypes!
  4. Well whatever it is, it sure is interesting!
  5. Oh really? Huh. Most companies go out of business because of low sales not because the investors decided not to invest in the company.
  6. Does anybody have the pictures to this listing?
  7. I'm also doing a multi color red green blue light display too along with inflatables of course!
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