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    Grew up in Wisconsin, now reside in South Jersey. Always been into decorating for the holidays.
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    48 channels of LOR, about 150 channels of DMX. Adding more every year.

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  1. Thanks, the tree is probably the most difficult thing to set up each year, but it's totally worth the extra hassle for the spiral effect :)
  2. This is 48 Channels of Light-O-Rama and 60 channels of DMX. The sequence was purchased from WowLights.com and modified for my use. The video was taken by my friend Sean with a DJI Phantom 4 and edited by me.
  3. Hi, I Just joined the forum and wanted to introduce myself by sharing last year's display. This year has a few new additions. I'm about 80% complete. I can't wait to borrow some of your ideas to add to my display. - DT
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