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    The Most Famous House in Tampa Is Lite up Please add us to your list of houses see

    55,000 led Christmas lights Synchronized to music that are played over your Radio (88.3 FM).We are Eco Friendly Display Saving on our Elec.Bill . only $40.00 more over Christmas .We have a 17ft Mickey Mouse . Grinch and his dog (Max) much more ,

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  1. I found a Driveway alarm from harbor freight works Great.I place them thu out my display to stop theft.. Wireless Driveway Alert & Driveway Alarm System (harborfreight.com) This wireless security system has a wireless receiver that chimes when the infrared security alert sensor detects motion outside. The wireless motion sensor mounts easily to a post or wall, and you can set the receiver anywhere in your house (within 400 ft. of the sensor). A wireless receiver chimes to alert when a person or vehicle comes within 400 ft. range Powerful outdoor weather-proof infrared s
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