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  1. That's a great sign. I've been looking for one. I don't know if you're interested - but if you're in the market to sell it you can email me... [email protected]
  2. Spin

    C7 Bulb Colors...

    Hi. My Grandmother (RIP) had two old plastic candelabras. I managed to acquire the same ones recently. Now, she used to put the C7 bulbs in there that were blue. I'm not talking the frosted blue that you see these days that looks more like the sky on a bright sunny day. I mean these bulbs were a deep dark blue color. However, I've been to several stores and sites and I cannot find them. I find bulbs that, when not lit, look the shade of blue that I'm looking for. However, when I light them, they turn to be a sky blue color. I've tried bulbs that look painted and also those that are se
  3. Hi. I found my answer to this. Thanks, though. I have yet to figure out how to delete my original post, though.
  4. Hi. I picked this sign up locally pretty cheap. I'm primarily trying to find out the age of it... and also how to replace the bulbs. The sticker on the back says Dynasty Classics Corporation. It looks like a simple set of mini lights. But, the note on the back says you need a special tool to remove the old ones. I tried one light for a little bit... but it was not coming out easily. So, 1. Year? 2. Tool to remove lights? 3. What bulbs to use? Thanks, in advance for any information you can provide.
  5. Thank you so much for the information. Yeah... they are very difficult to find. In my very brief experience I've had the most luck at garage sales where the people don't know what they have! I have yet to make a purchase, though. I'd love to find one around Pittsburgh.
  6. Merry Christmas, everyone! I'm starting to get into vintage/antique Christmas stuff... but I'm not sure what you'd identify these Santa Claus faces/heads as. These were both from local sales that got away from me. Do they have a generally accepted name when searching? I'm having difficulty even finding pictures of similar ones. They look like they were store displays or something... but I have no idea of a year, make, manufacturer, etc. Can anyone help me?
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