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  1. Yours looks really professional. I took a very inexpensive paint roller handle and reshaped it using a bench vise and a hammer.
  2. I have 200+ extension cords between 40 and 100 feet long in my display. Most are 40’ to 60’. I use the method described by Clyde Lindsey to loop my cables but I make smaller arch’s with my arms so that the final cable loop will fit inside a Rubbermaid box without bunching. I use a piece of wreath Velcro to secure the cable. That way when I pull them out of the box they do not tangle. One beneficial trick that I use is two walk the cable down the street until it is in a single straight line. Then as I wrap the cable I walk towards it. This does two things 1) gets most of the twist out of the cable so it wrap flat; 2) makes it easier to wrap because I am not pulling on the length of the cable in my arch’s. Next year I plan to put some of the controllers in the yard so they are closer to what they control…shorter extension cords.
  3. dlaird

    Led Failures

    I have had three kinds of LED string failures: 1) Strings purchased from SAMs have dissimilar metals between the LED bulb (steel) and the string socket (copper), after one season of wet weather here in Florida and months in the attic they all failed due to rust; 2) rectifier failures on strings purchased online from a vendor that no longer exists, it could have been rain but I suspect poor design, nearly all Blue and Green strings failed; 3) The best performance I have comes from strings purchased from Creative Displays; I had one rectifier fail, the string was replaced at no charge. I put strings in our trees using a commercial lift that I rent but I pull them down using a pool pole for leverage. About 5% of these strings get pulled apart before they release from the tree. The replacement cost for failed strings is lower than renting the lift a second time.
  4. I very happy to share that tonight I completed the repairs to last year’s display items. At the end of each season I test everything as I take it down. Anything that fails stays in the garage instead of being put in storage. As I have time I troubleshoot and repair each item. The last item to repair this year was a crystal wire frame deer with 20 defective mini lights. It took 30 minutes to locate and replace each bulb. As a bonus I switched the two bulbs closest to the eye sockets to blue.
  5. I keep mine outside. I have three that have spent 5 seasons out in the weather. Mine are mounted in modified exterior circuit breaker panel boxes.
  6. dlaird

    Lights Stay On ?

    I have found that 10 times out of 10 if I have a short on the output the TRIAC becomes damaged. However, I have had controller channels that were only partially on and would respond when told to go to 100% intensity. On these channels the Opto-Coupler that drives the TRIAC was the offending part.
  7. I found 70 count Multicolor LED Christmas Light Net lights at my local walmart for $2.50. The online store had them for $4.98.
  8. I use 100+ deer in my display. I put each deer in a 40 Gallon 3 Mil plastic trash bag (similar to the pillow case idea). It works very well. I have found Christmas is lot more fun when the deer are working when I unpack them. That is why I make sure every bulb is working before I store them in the rafters above the garage.
  9. Dear Charles, Thank you for the great DMX classes at Christmas Expo in Gatlinburg. I do have a follow-up question. I want to have smoke (fog) hover near the ground around a lake of rope lights to replicate a swamp scene in Louisiana. What do I need to make this happen?
  10. We will be at the Hilton Garden Inn.
  11. I sent back 54 defective strings on the Monday following receipt of the return instructions by UPS ground. Ten days later I received 54 brand new strings. I am a happy customer.
  12. Most 100 count strings are really made up of two 50 count strings linked together. If you look closely at the 50th light in the string you can see how the wires from the electrical plug swap between strings. Each 50 count section is designed to dissipate 120VAC of energy. Notice that all 50 bulbs are wired together in series. Each bulb requires 2.4VAC. Multiply 2.4VAC by 50 and you get 120VAC. If you were to cut this into 25 lights then each bulb would be required to dissipate 4.8VAC of electricity. This makes the lights look much brighter for a short period of time before they all burn out.
  13. dlaird

    M5 Vs M6

    Most people would never notice the difference between an M6 and an M5 on a Mega Tree. Especially during the show...But, nearly anyone form this forum would notice immediately. The questions you need to answer are 1) Is the size difference going to bother you? 2) Can you afford to purchase all the strings at the same time so they are not only the same size but they have exactly the same color also?
  14. I can help you with the following: 8 - Walmart Holiday Time 60 ct LED Mini Light Set Red/Green Wire 10 - Walmart Holiday Time 60 ct LED Mini Light Set Blue/Green Wire 8 - Walmart Holiday Time 60 ct LED Mini Light Set Warm Wight/Green Wire I am willing to trade for Green LED or $6 per box if you can pick them up in Fort Walton Beach.
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