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  1. This was posted on Tonic.com's facebook! Awesome job!
  2. The powermat has been spoken for. The PCDJ DMX has been combined with the Various DJ pieces!
  3. Hello everyone, I know it's been an extremely long while since I've been around the PC forums....it's just how busy life has gotten.... I'm selling a few things that I wanted to share with you guys, in case you were interested. Offers are accepted on everything, just trying to move it out of the shed before I move. Various DJ Lighting Pieces - http://lansing.craigslist.org/ele/2515183223.html PCDJ DMX Software and DMX-USB Doggle - http://lansing.craigslist.org/ele/2515181436.html (willing to ship with paypal payment) Small lot of Xmas decor - http://lansing.craigslist.org/for/2515179679.html Unholiday/lighting related - Powermat Wireless Charging solution - http://lansing.craigslist.org/ele/2515178754.html (willing to ship with paypal payment) Thanks! Hope everything is going well for everyone!
  4. I know it's been awhile since I've posted, it's just been a crazy summer... but we just made reservations for a halloween themed weekend at a campground in October. We're thinking of doing a "disney"-like halloween, so it's family friendly. I found "Hallowindow" and it was ruled out because of the fright factor, but I noticed he had a ghost animation... (See here: http://hallowindow.com/products?downloadable=1) but I was wondering if anyone knew of a similiar animation that had more "casper" like ghosts??? Thanks guys!
  5. Quick question for everyone-- Are either Light Show Pro or Vixen Mac-Compatible? Or is there plans for a future LOR Mac-Compatible software? What I would need to happen (in the 2-3yr future) would be sync on a Mac then run a show on a PC.. Thanks! (Sorry if I am highjacking this thread)
  6. Today we had a hit from the wind.... My big 12ft tree snapped, and my snowman (as usual) fell over.. dang thing. Had to bring in my new ornaments as well, they were rolling all over and bound to crack. My Make-A-Wish sign fell, just brought that in.. The mega tree is shaking, so no show tonight. With under a week left, makes me wonder what's worth it and what's not for this year. :giggle: Ah well live and learn I suppose... Atleast I got pictures taken, if I can't get video..
  7. Now that we're nearing the end of the season..... What was this year's most popular song? :santasmileyitty:
  8. It's great to know he's Empire 60's-70's. I still think it would be great to see him restore to his original luster.
  9. Thanks shawniepooh! The uploader isn't letting me post right now. I'll post some of the damage later..
  10. This year was my first year animated, and my neighbors are very supportive. We have about 10,000 lights and we are doing very well for Make-A-Wish out in the country. Recently, I was talking to my neighbor, and she had mentioned she had a blowmold Santa that was her grandpas, and he used to go all out for Christmas, but her boyfriend doesn't really like to decorate, so she doesn't do the outside. Anyway, she showed up today with this Santa, and said "Here, I want you to have this.. I know it has a good home and will get used every year." So this has sentimental value.. He's cute, but being so old he as some scratches and dings. She looked up on ebay, and we think its a 1960 Empire mold. I was wondering if anyone cold tell me?? Also, I was wondering if anyone in Michigan (or nearby, I'm not so sure about shipping this thing! haha) could help me out, because I would really really like to see him get restore or refinished... As would she. Thanks everyone! Here are some pics of him. I have more pictures of the scratches, paint chips, and two holes if anyone would like to see them. The 3rd picture gives you a size visualization with the door. The bag looks a little odd, but it's due to dust.
  11. Hm. Must be new, I've returned broken lights and such because I wasn't going to keep something they sold to me broken.
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