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    Our local HOA has an annual Christmas light contest and my neighbor wins it every year. I can't compete with the extent of his display but use some of the more unusual lights like IC controlled strips and waterfall lights. It gets a little more elaborate each year but I doubt I can keep up with his array of the more conventional prodicts.
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    Retired chemist who likes to dabble in LED conversions for home and auto. I didn't put up elaborate displays in the past but have begun to add to a simple set of Christmas lights recently after Goodwill opened an outlet store nearby and the selection for cheap displays got much better.
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    Active in Scouting and cycling
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    Really just getting started but use LED lights almost exclusively. I convert old incandescent displays to12V LED before using them. This was mostly small stuff (candy canes) until this year. My favorite strip light is IC 6803 LED strip lights with 133 built in programs for use on eves.

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  1. I looked up the offerings online. There are a whole series of these featuring different lighthouses. Most seem to run on four AA batteries. This listing has a picture of the DC input and the battery case. The tag is upside down but can be read as 6VDC 600 mA. Just choose a converter that has an output of at least 600 mA and is 6V DC. Here's a US source on eBay for $7.68 with free shipping AC Converter Adapter DC 6V 0.6A Power Supply Charger US plug 5.5mm x 2.1mm 600mA https://www.ebay.com/itm/112126223925
  2. That's a 120V LED corn bulb. It's the first time I have seen them used in new blow molds. I bought last year's version at either Lowe's or HD and it was still lit with two E12 incandescent bulbs which I replaced with 12V DC LED bulbs instead.
  3. I couldn't find the exact same lights but found that they are sold under the name "solar garden stake lights". I came across one site that had these on sale for $10 for a four pack but unfortunately did not take down the link. There are dozens of different versions available.
  4. The time lag that often accompanies LED lights is from the power source, not the LEDs themselves. I converted my home to all LED a couple of years ago. That meant using a number of power supplies from small plug in units all the way to 60W power supply similar to the ones I use for my Christmas displays. Some have a noticeable time lag while others do not. I doubt your system turns the power supply on and off, just the lights. My Dream lights (IC6803) work perfectly with the power supply that has about a 5 second delay.
  5. You are not likely to receive a reply as the individual who posted the notice has not been active here in the past 9 years. nancylee last signed in to this site November 27, 2011
  6. At the beginning or end of every light string you will find a small white tag that gives information on the lights. That will tell you how many watts the string uses. For example I have in my hand a set of LED snowflake lights that I rescued from the nearby Goodwill outlet store. At the bottom of the tag is the line: Model AL50/2F-SF2, 120V, 60HZ, 0.04A, 4.8W, 0913. It's easy to decode this line. It has 50 LEDs arrayed in two sets of 25 each. It was made for the US (120V, 60Hz), uses 4.8W, and was manufactured in September 2013. If it only said 0.04A, I could still find out how many wat
  7. When I lived in the Midwest we were advised to carry food, water, and a sleeping bag or blanket in the car for just this type of emergency. I doubt many Atlantans would even think about getting stranded overnight in a car due to the weather. This could have been truly tragic. I lived through a week without electricity after an ice storm hit Madison, WI in early March. By the end of a week without heat I was ready to head to a shelter when they restored the power just in time.
  8. You are worrying needlessly about the possibility of starting your Christmas decoration on fire. I no longer use incandescent light strings but happened to have one set of incandescent white mini lights that works so I plugged them in for about 20 minutes and picked up a handful of bulbs in my bare hands. They were warm to the touch but not even close to being hot enough to be uncomfortable. This string has 100 bulbs and consumes 40.8 watts. It's not like picking up a 40W incandescent bulb because the heat is spread out over a very large area. Unfortunately the information you gave does no
  9. i decided to make one last trip to the Goodwill outlet store (surplus items) before Christmas to see what was available. It was good timing because I was able to find two more blow molds for my nativity display - the GFP standing wise man and a cow. The best find was a "Gemmy Lightshow Christmas Lights 6' Projection Lamp Post with Lighted Signs, Electro-Fire". The two blow molds were less than $5 together and the lantern was $13 based upon the weight. The light in the lantern is special. It's an LED assembly that flickers with and orange color. It really does look like a candle flame. W
  10. You can read about the difference between a constant voltage LED driver and a constant current LED driver here: https://www.ledsupply.com/blog/constant-current-led-drivers-vs-constant-voltage-led-drivers/ If you run the LED at a higher current than recommended it will be brighter - for a time - and then it will die. If you look at the specifications for the driver I referenced above it is the exact current (350ma) for the one that came with the light. Constant current drivers are commonly found in lamps with a series of LEDs. The driver adjusts the voltage to compensate for the number
  11. From the description on the power supply this appears to be a constant current power supply so the one you listed on Amazon would not work because it is a constant voltage power supply. Those are the two types that come with LED fixtures. You need a 350ma constant current power supply with 120V input or you can buy a universal power supply that operates on 85-240V AC. This one is on eBay and shows the 350ma output www.ebay.com/itm/153902458906 price with shipping is $12
  12. I visited a friend today to deliver some birthday gifts and while I was there I saw firsthand how much damage a weight and the sun can do. He brought out a snowman that was far different from any I had ever seen. In order to weigh it down he had cut a big hole in the back of the mold and inserted two bricks. It had been stored outside under a tree except for around Halloween and Christmas when he brings it out first with a black garbage bag over it and then displayed openly. The bricks were in it while stored. Upon closer inspection it turned out to be a TPI snowman from 2004 - 40" Snowma
  13. I just set up a spiral tree that uses heavy LED rope tube lighting yesterday. I did not get the center pole when I bough it used at the Goodwill outlet store. It had the base attached so I used a Stansport telescoping tent pole (Item 254). That allowed me to easily set the height correctly. The top end of the tent pole is smaller than the pole itself and would insert in the star. This one came with a rope star as part of the tube. I just looked at it. It spirals in red and green with a white star. It was well worth the effort to restore it.
  14. I never liked putting sand or pebbles in my blow molds because it makes storing them in my attic so much more difficult. I bought some ~20 year old used blow molds in the middle of the summer and was surprised at how much the light was attenuated by the coating of dirt on the inside of the blow mold. It was quite a task to clean the insides after removing the material used to weigh them down. I mount my blow molds on a piece of coroplast - used political signs that are easy to get around election day. I live in the desert where most homeowners have switched to desert landscaping. That
  15. I think this means the central core for a multi string display like legs on a spider. I have one of these that has 6 sets of LED lights radiating from a central core to light a tree from the top. Have you tried to disassemble the center core? I'm sure there is no replacement parts for the one I have but if something went wrong, i would attempt to open it up.
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