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  1. Like everybody else (Lowes, Home Depot, Tractor Supply, ....), American Sales up their shipping prices after the Holiday.
  2. Few days ago I took a look at Disney+ again after a year of ignoring it. I'm happy to see my favorite old short films and movies now available to watch. Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas Mickey's Christmas Carol Pluto's Christmas Tree Santa's Workshop Mickey Mouse On Ice The Small One Chip N Dale Corn Chips Winne The Pooh A Very Merry Pooh Year Lonesome Ghosts And many more.
  3. Got snow here too. Regular snow then wet snow. I had to dig my inflatables and solars out.
  4. Well despite the huge size I liked the animated flame LED bulbs so I decided to use them. I used the jig saw to widen the mount hole for the bulb to get in.
  5. Finally my order (Nov 27) of two westinghouse 3-c7 bulbs replacement cords is on the way. Light bulbs: - Tried to use 3W flickering incandescent bulbs but the brightness were too low. https://www.ebay.com/itm/12-Flicker-Flame-Light-Bulb-Edison-E12-Candelabra-Base-Flickering-Orange-Glow-3W/154111173935 - Also tried to use flickering/flame LED bulbs but they were too big to fit in the lamp hole. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Animated-Flickering-Fire-Effect-LED-for-Parties-Christmas-and-Halloween/164454289217 - I'm now using 0.6W LED (7W incandescent) bulbs. https://www.ebay.com/itm/12-Pa
  6. http://christmasyarddecor.info/vintage-pair-48-christmas-lighted-candles-lights-union-products.html https://picclick.com/Vintage-Pair-48-Christmas-Lighted-Candles-Lights-Union-282743093200.html Oh! I have been wondering for years what they were used for.
  7. Unfortunately the candle blow mold itself was thrown away back in 90s. As far I know, no picture of it exist. The box is currently being used to hold Christmas decoration.
  8. Interesting methods you all have come up with. Currently they are standing on the sidewalk/walkway and I will leave them there. I have no desire to do any more works as I'm 99.9% done with the decorations. Will think more when summer come again.
  9. I have two noel candle blow molds and they are pretty light weight. I'm wondering how much weight for them to stand up through 98% of weather. I have unused river rocks & pebbles that I had bought from Lowes. I filled them equally in both blow molds. They now weight around 4lb 12oz.
  10. After about a decade of waiting, I finally got into blow mold. I had planned to wait until Black Friday but they were sold out days earlier at the local Ace Hardware store. After searching all over the internet, I found them at ToolBoxSupply.com (Troy, NY). I saved about $20 by not buying similar candles at Lowes.
  11. NOMA Candy Cane Pathway Lights Set of 6 12" When I opened the box, I found almost all of candy canes were hurried or sloppily put together. I had to re-do them. So 4 stars out of 5. Black stakes. Total height: 18 inches Stake height: 6.5 inches Candy Cane height: 11 inches Info on the box: Clear incandescent bulbs Connect multiple sets together Includes ground stakes, spare fuse and 4 spare bulbs Caution: Use on 120V only. Do not connect more than 15 sets to one outlet. Made in China. Imported By: Golden Viking Sports LLC, Sumner, WA 98390 https://www.amazon.c
  12. I run all inflatables on WiOn 50049 & 50053 WiFi timers. I can be 1,000 miles away and still control my inflatables thru my phone. I used to turn them off when a shower/storm come through but then I sometimes end up with flat inflatables (dead fans). Now I leave them ON all the times except in severe weather (strong winds). Fans struggle to run if they are covered/clogged in snow or inflatables filled with water. By leaving inflatables ON, I rarely need to buy and replace fans. No matter how you set them up, they always need adjustments. Ropes and stakes always get loose becaus
  13. Last week I took out the weak 0.5a fan and put in the 0.85a fan + 3 LED lights. Now the inflatable is fuller and brighter. I should have done this LONG TIME AGO. Old: https://www.yardinflatables.com/Gemmy-Airblown-Inflatable-Replacement-5a-FAN-w-Adapter_p_1862.html New: https://www.yardinflatables.com/Replacement-85a-Fan-w-Adapter-For-Fabrique-Inflatable-Football-Helmets_p_3252.html
  14. Shop Rite 75% off Christmas lights. I grabbed 2x 25 C9 LED string lights.
  15. This inflatable was the last to go up then 3 days later it was flat on the ground. Luckily I have a similar larger Halloween version (same designer / manufacturer) so I took the adapter from it and use it to power this one. Now its up. I still don't like the blower.. 0.8a fan blowing up 6ft size. Fine when dry but it struggle to inflate and stand upright when wet. After Christmas (if it last that long), I will replace the 0.8a fan+adapter for the gemmy 1a fan+adapter.
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