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  1. Darryl/Chris, Is the link the true projector we would get? Your site shows a photo of something that is....weird. Looks like it fits over a TV?!?! http://christmaslightshow.com/product.php?productid=259&cat=3&page=1 http://christmaslightshow.com/images/D/d-186-79-02.jpeg Just looking to verify before I put my order in. rns
  2. Hi. I lived in Amarillo for 10 years and graduated from Randall HS. Glad to finally see someone from there on the boards. I know the Bishop Hills area decorates a lot...but don't understand why they aren't over the top like the rest of us crazies! rns
  3. Given the time of year - I'd go with a starter kit. Get more LOR kits as you have time/money. Use the starter kit as the example of where things should be soldered. Have Fun! rns
  4. Hey...those pumpkins look familiar.... I like the 3 tiered look. what size light are you using in the pumpkins? I use regular minis. Cheap, easy, and can be reused. I added a spider web also, not as nice looking as yours. rns
  5. Baggies and twist ties are cheaper. Your mileage may vary...it depends on your climate, etc... Of course, if it works for you, then it works for you. At first I thought you were giving us a "heads up" on electrical tape and extension cord sales. Typically, this is what I have seen in the "Heads Up" section. Hope I helped with your question. rns
  6. IBM doesn't make drives anymore...they got out of it a few years ago. Kinda like PCs and laptops. Now they just sell the big stuff. rns
  7. I did end up buying "all" of those at the Lowes locally last year...the problem was that there weren't too many of those left. Hopefully they will do that again. Kinda like buying a bag of cereal vs a box of cereal...it's still cereal. (Now if only I could convince my kids... ) I don't think I used them...thanks for the reminder, I might have them stored and forgot about them. WooHoo! I can start on my leaping arches today! (I hope.) rns
  8. rstephenrrtx


    Well...congrats on getting the minitrees done. A silver lining to this storm cloud. I hope you and everyone in that area make it through ok. rns
  9. Philip, Any outdoor Grinch figures at Hobby Lobby? I need 4 in different poses this year. Hope to see you at tomorrow's meeting in Austin. rns
  10. Your milage may vary.... The HD here in Round Rock, Tx had white cords in addition to the brown. I now have 20 of the white ones for use on my arches this year. Thought I'd share... rns
  11. I'm interested in your "pressure fit". How exactly are you doing that with the pvc/conduit? Inquiring minds (with sore fingers doing it a different way last year) want to know! rns
  12. Just a reminder to all of you Austin Area Christmas decorators. The meeting is this Wednesday. If you are in town from an area hit hard by Ike, you are welcome to come and maybe take your mind off of it for a while. Robert
  13. No sequence...but I did this in 2006 with 16 channels. http://video.yahoo.com/watch/133808/1349659 rns
  14. Date: Wed Sept 17 Time: 6:00pm-9:00pm Location: Denny's 7100 N. I-35 AUSTIN,TX 78752 This is on the I-35 SB frontage road between 290 and 183. Bring your questions or plans for this year and have a great time talking Christmas and Halloween Lights. LOR, d-Light, Animated Lighting, Mr. Christmas...if you are into decorating for the holidays we'd love to have you join us. Everyone is welcome. Look for us wearing Christmas related t-shirts. Robert
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