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  1. Is it possible to run an inexpensive controller at 80%? Is there an easy way to do this or is this something that is only an option on higher end hardware?
  2. Thanks. That certainly makes sense. Have had the option to purchase some inexpensive controllers and wanted to begin to plan next year.
  3. How many of you run your inflatables on timers to preserve fan life? I have been debating back and forth regarding this, and can't come to a good resolution in my mind. Concerns for me center around weather: how well will they inflate if the are covered by 1"-2" of snow during their down time, or will they even come up at all if the sudden ice storm hits? Furthermore, do they readily return to the correct attitude, or do they often require some manual adjustments?
  4. As I begin to plan next year, I am wondering if anyone is able to tell me if using a controller to flash my conventional LED sets will shorten the life of the set. My thought is that repeated cycling will decrease their life, but are LEDs different from incandescents due to their solid state construction? Personal experience with incandescent projector bulbs seems to be that repeated hard cuts/ short dissolves seem to compromise the life of the bulb. Any input based on your experiences would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Merry Christmas to all! Thanks for the inspiration, help and ideas. Hope each of you have a fantastic 2020.
  6. It looks amazing. Moving to site and off season storage--the two things which tend to limit the size of one's creations...😢
  7. I have had success using acrylics sealed with clear topcoat. The cost is reasonable compared to using exterior latex paint, and they have held up well in our moderately wet climate (Kansas). The key is the same as any other painting project-prep. I prime my project with an exterior grade latex primer (prefer Zinsser Bullseye 1-2-3) making care to assure the edges are covered/sealed well. White is the primer color of choice as it creates a nice canvas. I then paint my design over that, making sure to allow adequate time for the colors to dry completely (usually 2-3 days) prior to topco
  8. Our local Menard's has started putting out their merchandise too, Buy early for best selection , but wait until I am able to get what I want, please 😁
  9. While I am not certain what your lighting looks like, I guess it's probably the small sockets that have a metal clip which retains them in the decoration. If all you are looking for is the bulb itself, any C7 or candelabra base will fit. I make a habit of using LED bulbs in all our blowmold. You can find LED night light bulbs at Menards. I realize there isn't an appreciable difference in energy consumption in these smaller bulbs, but less heat is always better when plastic is involved. If you are looking to replace the socket assembly, there are replacements available, but they g
  10. I converted a Halloween dog (bigger, the kind that sits on its' own) to 120 by removing the entire LED assembly and replacing it with a socket salvaged from another blowmold. Cut a wooden circle slightly bigger than the hole and screwed it to the blowmold in the same fashion they are generally attached at the factory. Added a LED bulb and it works great.
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