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  1. Prep starts this weekend, installation scheduled to start Oct. 31.
  2. This company has some options that may meet your needs: https://christmas-leds.com/product-category/m5-m6-led-wire-frame-light-strings/
  3. Thanks, Donna. It wasn't but was some pretty good baked goods. Had a box of those earlier in the month; they were equally decimated. :-)
  4. Thanks! Yep; a Harry & David order that my family decimated in short order. 😀
  5. Details: Approximately 10,000 lights, mostly LED Power requirements: Less than 9 amps Set up time: 55 hours. Lights on: November 28. IMG_0817.MOV
  6. Wonderful display (and I laughed out loud when I saw the lamp). How long did set up take?
  7. I swung by the local Home Depot last night. It is starting to reduce select items, but not significantly or broadly. Also, not surprisingly, selection was very picked over. About the only things available in quantity were string lights.
  8. Welcome and beautiful display; thanks for sharing!
  9. May the (Christmas) Force be with you. Nice job, Derek.
  10. Addition to my 2019 display courtesy of a neighbor. One small crack and faded/chipped paint, but otherwise is really great shape - it even had the original wiring harness (which I've replaced).
  11. Mel, I don't believe I've previously commented or responded to one of your posts, but I always look forward to reading them. Your willingness to share the vast knowledge you have is very much appreciated, even by board lurkers, such as myself. I've been inspired by you and others who share an interest in molds to incorporate them into my display for the first time this year and have enjoyed my first tentative steps in learning about and finding "classic" pieces. Thank you for all of your efforts.
  12. Welcome Jack, I'd encourage you to spend some time surfing various suppliers' websites for ideas and to familiarize yourself with some of the pre-fabricated options on the market. Once you have a good idea of what's available and at what price point you'll be in a good position to start thinking about how to execute your vision. Fabricating your own elements can be a lot of fun, but also a bit challenging when you're just getting started. I find it very helpful to sketch out my vision on paper. I tend to layer my sketches, starting with general positioning of elements, then going
  13. I finished set up yesterday, but decided to stay dark until Thanksgiving. Bad weather (rain, strong wind) predicted through Friday. Crossing my fingers everything holds together/no shorts.
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