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  1. Sorry to hear that. I got this one at store 100 last Friday. It is best to go in the evening when the restock people are there because they know what they have both inside and outside in the trailers. They still did not have this out, the guy had to go get it for me in the trailer. But I am glad they gave you something for your trouble. I saw one sold on Mercari, sorry you had to pay that much for it. I wish people would leave them for people who really want one and want to display it. Thats good. I would say anywhere from Siloam Springs up to Bentonville and down to Fayetteville should
  2. Picked one up the other day.
  3. Where did you stop in Arkansas? Plenty here in Northwest Arkansas of all blow mold options.
  4. Saw the blow mold trees as well. Nice little set up across from the Walmart home office.
  5. Decor at my local Walmart's. I say walmart plural because I live in Bentonville and have 3 supercenters within 9 miles. These are a mix from two of them, will check out the 3rd tonight.
  6. ya there are few new ones and ones they have had before.
  7. Holiday time is Walmart's private label. But they will tweak something to make it their own. I will have to look to see if they have any other markings but guessing just a made in china marking only if I had to guess. Also, they have been making the giant lights for at least 4 years now.
  8. Here are a few others. Some new and some they have had before.
  9. I spotted this at the walmart associate store in Bentonville where the home office is. My wife works at the corporate office. This was a sample as it was marked up with sharpie showing what corrections it needed for production. I meant to post it last month but I did see it in the store here in Bentonville last night. I will post what other stuff that is up as well just did not have my phone with me. But this is one of the new designs this year.
  10. I found the 5ft General Foam Santa with the red bag yesterday for $50. I have been wanting this one for awhile and seeing what people were selling them for, I jumped on it and did not have to go far to pick it up. Actually found it decently local on facebook marketplace. I do have a question. It has a small crack as seen in the closeup, is it wise to get something to fill that in or will it be ok if I left it alone? And if needed filled in, what product is best to use. Thanks!
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