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  1. On 11/8/2020 at 4:31 PM, Doneal said:

    Bad experience with Walmart: On October 29, 2020, I went to Walmart store #100 at Bentonville, Arkansas. After Calling the night before and talking with the service desk. I was told they only had one. I asked about it and was told they would keep it at the service desk for me. I told them I would be there in the morning to pick it up. So I got up drove over 100 miles / 2 hours in the rain through the mountains got there and waited in the parking lot for 30 minutes for them to open. Went the service desk and she brought out a wire tree. I gave this employee the same part number and description as I did the one the night before. She look it up and showed to have two in stock. We went back to the lawn / garden center and they didn’t have any. The manager tried to help but there wasn’t any. I will say they did give a gift card for my trouble and the manager said he would give me a call if or when they received any. Well, I see they got some in but I didn’t receive a phone call. But All is good I ordered one from Mercari and got it displayed.

    Sorry to hear that. I got this one at store 100 last Friday. It is best to go in the evening when the restock people are there because they know what they have both inside and outside in the trailers. They still did not have this out, the guy had to go get it for me in the trailer. But I am glad they gave you something for your trouble. I saw one sold on Mercari, sorry you had to pay that much for it. I wish people would leave them for people who really want one and want to display it. 

    18 hours ago, slankard said:

    We stopped somewhere in southeast Arkansas, so now I’m thinking they may have just been out of stock.  We’re just a little over an hour from the Arkansas border, so I might call around today and see if any stores have them. Drove to Joplin mo yesterday to antique shops and checked in their Walmart but didn’t find one.  I did find the 43 inch empire lamp post from the 1960s in one shop, so it was worth the trip!

    Thats good. I would say anywhere from Siloam Springs up to Bentonville and down to Fayetteville should have a decent amount of stuff but outside of that it is iffy. Even Siloam might be iffy. But I do know Bentonville, Rogers, Springdale and Fayetteville have a decent amount of stock in most things. 

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  2. On 11/5/2020 at 5:58 PM, slankard said:

    I visited my brother in Pensacola two weeks ago, and I stopped at Walmart’s in Arkansas, Alabama, and Florida (skipped Louisiana Walmart) and I couldn’t find any.  In fact, I was surprised that the Tulsa area had a far better selection of blow molds than in place I visited.

    Where did you stop in Arkansas? Plenty here in Northwest Arkansas of all blow mold options. 

  3. Holiday time is Walmart's private label. But they will tweak something to make it their own. I will have to look to see if they have any other markings but guessing just a made in china marking only if I had to guess.  Also, they have been making the giant lights for at least 4 years now. 

  4. I spotted this at the walmart associate store in Bentonville where the home office is. My wife works at the corporate office.  This was a sample as it was marked up with sharpie showing what corrections it needed for production. I meant to post it last month but I did see it in the store here in Bentonville last night. I will post what other stuff that is up as well just did not have my phone with me. But this is one of the new designs this year. 



    image1 (5).jpeg

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  5. I found the 5ft General Foam Santa with the red bag yesterday for $50. I have been wanting this one for awhile and seeing what people were selling them for, I jumped on it and did not have to go far to pick it up. Actually found it decently local on facebook marketplace.  I do have a question. It has a small crack as seen in the closeup, is it wise to get something to fill that in or will it be ok if I left it alone? And if needed filled in, what product is best to use. Thanks!




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