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  1. I'll be there... though in my infinite wisdom, I selected the wrong option in the poll -- should be one person, not two.
  2. I was sooooo embarrassed when I woke up the next morning. (and thankful that nobody dressed me in red, wrapped me in lights, and tied me to the chimney...)
  3. After seeing your display tonight, Bill, I don't think that any Grinch could ever match its power! It's wonderful... though I must admit that there is a bit of a situation with traffic. :? I hope that it all works out naturally... sometimes things like that just 'do'! If there is anyone else here in the Central / SouthEast Ohio area, you *MUST* stop by Bill Hoffman's place sometime soon.
  4. I'm kinda interested in how this turned out. Regardless... hopefully I'll see you sometime tonight!
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