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    I bought a girlfriend Taboo for Christmas. She bought me Hai Karate.
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    Elk Grove, Ca.
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    retired, relocated
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    fishing, golfing, traveling, camping, internet
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    Just starting, but have collected quite a little display in the last couple of years... now need a way to control the sound on multiple "houses" playing at the same time. Would like to get them to play one at a time, in sequence.
  1. I saw on youtube a programmable AC/DC adapter/sequencer, about the size of a hand held transistor radio, that output 4.5V DC to 8 different outputs, for programmable time intervals. I SAW IT! Can't find anything like it. Does anyone know of such a thing? It would be perfect for our display of just a few Lemax audio/animated buildings, so they don't all come on at the same time and annoyingly blast sound over each other, causing me to turn them all off. Looking for a simple, turn-key solution, not something you need to be a soldering or electronics geek to understand and install. Plug it in and
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