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  1. Where is the cheapest place to buy C9 replacement bulbs online? I would liek to replace my regullar bulbs with LED's and I am finding a wide range of prices. Thanks Dave
  2. I used the photocopied, black and white coupons today and was also able to use the additional $10 off at my Lowe's here in AZ. No questions asked. The $3.97 lights are not GE so it wouldn't work for those.
  3. I would be interested in meeting also. Sundays are better since kids have soccer, etc on Saturdays Thanks Dave
  4. Wasn't there a thread here about the meeting this Saturday?? Or am I going crazy? Dave
  5. Herb, Can we talk about the snow machines? I am in Goodyear. Thanks Dave
  6. I used a 10 ft section of steel with 2 sections of 10ft conduit attached to mine. I made a pvc top with eye hooks screwed in to connect the lights at the top. Topped itoff with a 4ft star. The only drawback is once its up if you lose a section of lights you are out of luck. Luckily I have lost only part of one section (one time)
  7. I made a 30ft tree with a 4ft star on top. How hard is it to add a controller? I have not used one ever before but want to spice up my yard. Thanks
  8. I'll dig up a few pics from last year. The only thing I had besides lights, wreaths, etc was a 35ft "tree" I made and put up in the back yard with a 4ft star on top.
  9. I am up to 30,000 lights but nothing really fancy in my display. I am in AZ and would like to talk with anyone local to share tips, etc. I would laso appreciate any ideas on how to spice up my display, especially as I have a 135 ft back wall with no rear neighbors that I would like to showcase something. Thanks in advance....awesome site!! Dave
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