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  1. Whose version of 'O Holy Night' is that? It is excellent.
  2. NC Folk! We moved to dual channel stars for our megatrees this year. I have the old star, which also has the 8-eyelet tree topper and a 15' cord. Free to a good home, you just have to come and get it in Indian Trail. Any takers? It was heading for the trash, but I figured I'd check here first. DavBro
  3. We are watching this too. Only 25 miles away from our house. I think it will be a good thing, but am curious how many folks will pay for the privilege.
  4. OK, my method is primitive, but it is totally permanent and weatherproof. Once I identify all the channel numbers, I burn the number into the connector with a fine-tip solder iron. It doesn't help you in the dark, but it won't ever rub off. All my controllers are done that way.
  5. OK, I have a very nice neighbor who has teamed up with me to do lights for the last two years. Granted, he only has 16 channels (to my 192 channels), but it raises the cool factor when the second house lights up. Anyway, he has a teenage son, who put the lights up and took them down quite promptly last year. This year, his son was away, and time was getting pretty close, so I put the lights up (the homeowner is not physically able to climb a ladder). They were very thanklful that I put them up, and very emphatic that the son would take them down. Well, as is my my custom, all my light
  6. Can't be done (well, not without some resistors). Minis generally come in multiples of 50 or 35, and can be cut accordingly. Look for where the string only has two wires instead of 3, that is the cut point. Each of these segments is wired in series. For a 50 light segment to be reduced to a 35 light segment, you would need a resistor to absorb the current of 15 additional mini bulbs. Without that, the 35 would get so much current that they would likely blow the moment you plugged the string in.
  7. This is going to sound primitive, but it works better than a drill or an awl. The problem I have with coroplast is that when drilling or punching it, the ribs always seem to deflect the bit slightly and the whole ends up somewhere else. So I use an old pencil-style solder iron and burn the holes in. The benefit is that the ribs don't deflect the hole, and you end up with a nicerim around the hole that reinforces it. The tip I have for this purpose is sized so that I end up with a hole that very snugly holds a mini-lite bulb. Two cautions - do this in a ventilated area, and don't exp
  8. www.servocity.com is a goood place to start.
  9. This is what I use... http://christmaslightshow.com/xcart/home.php?cat=4
  10. I have the same problem. 15 cars queuing up nicely, one joker decides to pull out and bolt ahead of everyone else. Essentially it is the 'I am better than you' attitude. I was once in an airport, waiting at a gate for a standby seat on a delayed flight. About 20 people standing in line. One guy saunters up, past everyone else, and exclaims very loudly, "Paying customer here, can someone help me?". The gate egent did not even look at him, but replied with the same volume, "these are all paying customers sir, please get in line". A very quiet but palpable chuckle filled the gate.
  11. Wow, even free ground shipping. Great find! Thanks!
  12. Kinda surprised (in a pleasant way) that they would publish the pictures of these miscreants, being they are under 18. Glad you weren't the target, Kevin.
  13. Not related to my display, but this was in the local paper this morning: 4 SC teens charged with vandalizing decorations http://www.charlotteobserver.com/breaking/story/1139174.html
  14. I don't see a link in this thread, but would love to see this sequence. Is there a video with it so I know what it looks like? How many channels. Thanks in advance, DavBro
  15. I need some vendors that sell 120V rope light in bulk. Going to need a bunch of different colors. I have looked at Action Lighting, just wondering who else is out there? Anyone?
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