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  1. Yup I believe General went out of business in 2017, Grand venture I think back in the 90s.....just saw a grand venture reindeer just sell for 160 on ebay...crazy.
  2. New to blow molds, lucked upon a set of Grand venture sleigh and 4 reindeer in an attic a few months ago , had always wanted a set. And now Im hooked....drove an hour to pick up a nativity set yesterday, but really slim pickings in my area. Then My father sends me a text with pics of all sorts of brand new General Foams at a store! There all new old stock, but at full retail and then some. Brand new in box flying reindeer $100, I saw a 20% off all lawn ornaments sign and considered it to add to the display...but ...asked clerk if blow molds were included, she looked at me like I was asking f
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