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  1. Yeah - there’s probably something. It seems most of the “easy up” type of stuff would be expensive. I guess that’s also why blow molds were popular, wire frames, etc. Ideally there’s something that fits into a smallish box but is plug and play and makes a big splash.
  2. I think this is what has made inflatables so popular. Plug them in, big coverage then they go into a tiny box. Same for the laser dots... I don’t do any music due to the time and money. The pre-programmed stuff would be cool but probably more than I would ever pay!!
  3. These are both awesome!! Nice finds!!
  4. I need to checkout the Goodwill outlet near me. I assume it’s all just random chance on what you find huh?
  5. Wow what a display. Unfortunately I have no idea on that reindeer head!!
  6. Other option is to pull the old lights out and replace them inside of your figures with new LEDs. I’ve had to do this on a number of my items. It takes awhile but that is ok. You have over 10 months to get it done 😂
  7. Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you have all had a great day. I wanted to share some pictures of my display. Still no where near where most of you are but getting bigger every year. Such a fun hobby. Will be time to take it down soon which stinks. It always goes too fast!! I’ll fix my upside down pictures from my laptop tomorrow!!
  8. No - always had the brochures for that place but never got there. Is it still open??
  9. I had one gfi tripping this evening. Found the culprit - an extension cord I had forgotten to stake that was facing upwards and full of water!! Got that sorted out and everything up and running!!
  10. I love Lake George... I live in Texas now but grew up in downstate NY and we would go to Lake George on vacation every summer. No snow here in Texas!!
  11. Well I may have spoken too soon. Woke up this morning to some string thunderstorms. I Turned off the inflatables for the first time this year. We will see what comes back on tonight.
  12. I haven’t tried grease but this year have all of my connections on light stakes to get them 6 inches or so off the ground. I’m in Texas so no snow but we’ve had some rainy days and so far so good this year.
  13. Awesome display and awesome story! It’s amazing how some displays grow. I’ve been doing displays for almost 20 years but have been really growing the last 4 or 5. Over 60 blow molds now and it’s a lot to handle. I don’t know how you guys do it with the displays you all have. I’m always so impressed!!!
  14. Those look really great. Nice job!!
  15. Nice work! Display looks great!!
  16. I have a lot of river rock in my landscaping. I fill sandwich sized ziplocks with the river rock and place those in the bottoms of my blow molds. Works fairly well for my things except for soldiers and candles.
  17. Awesome! This sounds like a good solution. Thanks!! No basements in Texas!!
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