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  1. I bought my first 2 inflatables in 2002 and have them on for an average of 8 hours per day and they are up for about 1.5 months and the motors i both of them still work like new. The newer motors aren't as good bat the original metal ones are built like a tank.
  2. 13 seconds! I wish! Mine takes oh' about 4 seconds. Oh and on thanksgiving, when the lights and the oven and other stuff was on, about 2 seconds.
  3. This may be caused by faulty wiring. I have had a short in a string before tha has caused the fuse to blow.
  4. Has anybody heard of any Christmas light shows on HGTV this year? I know TLC did one but haven't heard anything from HGTV. Merry Christmas
  5. If you tape them when dry, it is fine. I ALWAYS tape mine an I almost NEVER have a GFCI trip. Now, don't tape when wet, it will trap in moisture but if dry, it will help you.
  6. The best way to prevent GFCIs from tripping is to get rid of them. They are great, but horrible. Just make sure that you don't go in the yard while wet.
  7. I have had only 2 so far... I have had probably 10 strings that didn't light but the light keeper pro fixed that in a jiffy but I have had to replace probably 200 lights this year. My lighted deer had 22 burned out bulbs! I was about to throw it out but decided to sit down for 20 minutes and fix it.
  8. A C-7 is actually 5 watts per bulb while a c-9 is 7 watts per bulb.
  9. Hi- I purchased a PC santa earlier this year from tim. It looks really cool. I was setting up my display yesterday and noticed there isn't a tag that lists how much power it consumes. If anybody has a meter, would you please post how much electricity it pulls. Thanks!
  10. I don't think i could stand the lights shinning and flashing so bright outside my window.
  11. Very nice Mel! I dream of someday having Beco reindeer!
  12. I believe they have a metal "sleeve"(for lack of a better word) for each color and they put t around the mold and spray that color and then go to the next fitting for the next color. I could be wrong but that is how I understand it.
  13. If you notice, the GE lights that cost a fortune are 39-41 feet long. I love them! A couple of years ago our local K-Mart had constant ons 2 for $7 so i stocked up!
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