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  1. I'm not going to play the game of adjusting the song out of sync, because it does comeback into async about 1 minute into the song. So you can't just adjust the track. The song starts out with the lights being 1 second out of sync, then a minute or so into the song, it corrects itself. We have done all this several times, yes I formatted my SD cards correctly, FAT16, I have always run all my MP3 songs through Audacity and set it for 128 kbs constant bit rate. I even sent files up to Lightorama and THEY re-conditioned them and resent them back to me in October, and still the same thing, a one second delay at the beginning of the song, and it catches up to sync at about a minute into the song. I think there is just some type of hardware issue with the MP3 card in the controller, because the songs are spot on when I play them from the PC instead of throught the MP3 Controller, proving my sequence files are perfect.
  2. Here's finally my first HD video this season showing the new "Jeff Wheel" in action on Carol of the Bells by David Foster. I'm very pleased with how this turned out, you can really make a canvas out of this wheel, getting more unique expressions than a simple arch or minitree. I shot this with my Canon Vixia HF10 using my custom settings for best exposure of the lights. http://vimeo.com/8268745 Many poeple who drive by comment on how cool this wheel is, it's tall at 6 feet in height. And man is it busy as the video shows.
  3. Yes, I've spent 2 seasons working on this issue, I've tried new card, reformatting, hgiher density cards, lower density cards, I do everything right. The controller is the issue. BTW, when I ran it off my PC to the controller directly, it worked like a charm. The problem most likely lies in the MP3 daughter card controller, or possibly a combination of the 2 cards, as there is a small black phone line that connects from the MP3 card to the main controller card using the smaller phone jack. It's a slow serial communication port, maybe it broke down, who knows.
  4. Yes, I emailed Dan-O-Rama earlier today, waiting to hear back. I just tested my sequences by running the show from my PC and bypassing the MP3 daughter card. They work perfectly, spot on. So it points to the MP3 daughter card possibly being the culprit. Now keep in mind, we cannot conclude this 100% for sure, the problem could be the two of the boards in tandem, or it could be the MP3 board by itself. But either way, I can't figure out why it always does it to the SAME 4 songs, while 25 other songs play perfectly. You'd think if the MP3 card was broken, all songs would be broken.
  5. We don't know whether it is the controller or the MP3 card, or a combination of the two. I have various vintage controlelrs around my yards, as I have bought a couple each year since 2006. But they ar eall up to the same bios level. Guys who I have sent my sequences to, and loaded it on their Controller/MP3 Show director box, cannot reproduce the issue, as I said before, my main controller has a blue PCB, whereas all the newer controllers LOR makes now are green.
  6. We don't know the root cause, and all I know is everyone who has tried my sequences and reported back that they work, all have the newer colored controller board. It's been my luck this year, that I would buy the one board by itself, then it does not solve the problem, then I have to go buy a whole new controlle rbox anyway, and now I would be stuck with an MP3 card. Jeff
  7. Well, looks like after sending my sequence files from my LOR1602WMP3 Show Director controller to a few of you, no one else can duplicate the 1 second delay issue I'm seeing. I think it's because my controller is old from 2006, it has a BLUE circuit board controller, with a green MP3 card. The newer controllers have green boards, so maybe the hardware is of a better design revision, not sure. All I know is that all 5 of my shorter songs, which are less than 2 minutes long, start off with a 1 second delay, and it corrects itself about a minute into the song. My longer 5 minute songs which are more complex have no issue! Anyway, are there any places other than LOR to buy it from? Their price is $599 for a new one, and I was hoping someone else might be discounting it, or selling it in a less expensive housing. Wow Lights does not carry this model, only the basic 1602 controller. eBay has none listed. Any ideas?
  8. Hey Chuck, is that Mr Hanky the Christmas Poo there on your Avatar? First time I saw that on South PArk I laughed so hard tears were streaking down my cheek.
  9. My brother in law just called me and told me that my house was shown on The Daily Show with John Stewart last night, the Monday December 14 episode! He's interviewing John Oliver, and around 11:25 into the video is where they show it. Funny though, it was last year's display at my house. They must have grabbed a video from somewhere. Here is the link to the show: http://www.hulu.com/watch/115206/the-daily-show-with-jon-stewart-mon-dec-14-2009
  10. Yes, she was walking around with bare feet afterwards, I kept her away from the bbroken glass.
  11. Eldoradoboy: Yes, I designed and built this wheel to be split in half into 2 vertical pieces, the line going from 12 o'clock position straight down to 6 o'clock position. The net lights at 12 and 6 are the only ones that would need to be removed, but I will decide maybe I'll just fold the two halves for storage, or simply remove the 2 nets, held in place with removable zip cords. Here's a photo I took before we painted it. You can see how the 2 left and right halves connet together at top and bottom.
  12. Geoff: Now you opened a can of worms! How do you attach the fireworks poles tot he 2x4 wood plank coming out of the roof, and how does the plank attach to the roof?
  13. I did not say I told you so, but I did mention that my next wife will be a Brunette. Do you think that helped?
  14. Theresa: Are you referring to these icicles that are on my house on upper roof? See photo below. These were available at Costco, but they sell out fast, I bought 10 boxes in September when they first appeared. They were gone by Halloween. Last year in 2008, I bought only one box, then tried them out after I realized I had them the day after Christmas, then found people bidding $45 on eBay for them! They are $19.99 for a box that has a string 9 feet long, and the total of LEDs is 96. It's made by GE, and officially called the GE LED Ice Crystal Icicle Set. There are 19 "icicles" per set, each continuing super bright whiter than white LEDs. This set lights up the surrounding area like a fluorescent light! On eBay they keep bidding up over $30, for good reason, everyone wants them, no one has them. This year I bought 10 sets, expecting to sell half on eBay to double my money, but I ended up donating 6 sets to Gods Little Acres in Coconut Creek instead. Everyone who drives by my house comments on how spectacular these LEDs icicles look.
  15. This just isn't my week. First my outside display got blown apart last week by a freak storm. Then last night on the busiest day of the week, saturday night, another horrific downpour shut down my display on what should have been a high donation collection night. Now tonight our Christmas tree fell over inside the house. Last week my wife brought this tree home with some rediculous cheap plastic "stand", that was more like a bowl with 3 screws. I wanted to use my huge commercial stand that can handle up to a 15 foot tree and a 6" wide trunk, with a foot pedal that allows you to swivel the entire base to make your tree straight. But my wife wanted to use the cheapie stand that the grocery store sold her. I should have forced the isuue, because this thing did not hold. The tree fell over, and we lost some prized ornaments. Good thing I left my Christopher Radko ornaments off this tree because I had no confidence at all in that cheapie plastic stand. here is our tree restored using MY original choice of commercial grade stand But alas, we lost our prized Lenox Grinch ornament
  16. Geoff: That looks incredible! Do you have nay daytime photos? How any channels are your fireworks? Also, the splashdowns look really cool on your arches, how did you do them?
  17. Yes, these are blue LED spheres that Costco sold they ran out last month, I had to visit 2 Costco stores to buy enough of them to have. They came in White, Blue, Red, and Green. They are smooth plastic spheres, with 100 LEds built onto a flat plate in the middle of the sphere aimed outward. 50 shine toward the front, and 50 shine toward the rear. They were $16.95 for a pair in the box.
  18. Like I said before, I do everything right, I select "lock step" in Hardware Controller software when I save siles to the SD card, that's the recommended setting. I've tried with and without lock step and it makes no difference. Besides, lock step is really for larger displays than my 144 channels. Besides, I still had this problem at Halloween when I only used 48 channels. That's not a large system. I use all Cat 5e cables. Also keep in mind, my system works perfectly with 5 minute complex songs, so there must be some type of flaw in the sequencing algorithm in the controller, where it just causes bugs when it plays only these 3 songs. The rest of the sequences on my SD card are spot on. Maybe it has to do with the MP3 files, maybe there's some copyright protection like DCMM or something like that which the controller is balking at. I sent my files to 2 of you so far, we'll see what happens. Also, I bought my 1602MP3 back in 2006, it has a blue board controller, not sure if that means it could act different from a green board controller. If anyone has a blue board controller in your 1602MP3 box, let me know, we'll try to see if the files show the timin issue on yours too. Today I also plugged my pc into the network and noticed some controller bios were still at 4.01, while others were at 4.32 so I updated all of them to the latest 4.32 bios, now they all match, but it also did not help our problem. Still scratching my head!
  19. Sure you can add my wheel design to your display, that's this forum is about, we all share ideas. We all copied Ken Maxwell and a few others when we made our arches anyway. My wife wanted me to add a rope light to outline each of the 12 pie shaped net light sections on the wheel. I had one on there to test it out, you can see it on the video, it's on the 12 O'clock position on the wheel, a red LED light rope. Basically I was short of cash, I need $12 x 12 to do it, so maybe in the off season I might ad it. I was looking at my spreadsheet of inventory for my lights and the wheel entry has this: White LED Net Lights 1080 90 Number of setss: 12 Blue LED Spheres with minis inside 1200 100 Number of sets: 12 Total of lights: 2280
  20. Thanks Tim! Let me tell you, I'm kicking myself for not making this patch panel years ago, I got so sick of looking for my channels in the dark, and it's hard to read Lightorama's tiny white labels. So I arranged them onto this 2 row patchboard you see in the photos above. It's very organized, channels 1-8 on the top row, and 9-16 on the bottom row, AND, there's room to put the 3 way bricks to expand each output to feed more lights. I used my label printer to make my own larger easier to read yellow lables for each channel too. Very quick, very easy to find my channels now and plug them in. I also screwed 6-outlet power centers on the back this way I don't have to run 2 plugs to an outlet somewhere, I just run an extension cord tot he back of my controller to feed the 6-outlet juntion, and I mounted j-hooks for my Cat 5 cable. So now each controller can power other items around it in the yard. Works out very nicely.
  21. I'm hoping one of you guys out there is also using a Ligtorama LOR1602W with MP3 Show Director (with the SD card) controller like me who can help out with this issue I am having it''s been dogging me since last year. I have a couple of sequences that simulate perfectly in the LOR software, but once placed onto the SD card and out in the mp3 player controller in my yard, the timing is off by about a second, only on 3 songs, all my other songs are perfect. On the 3 bad songs, the issue corrects itself about a minute or so into the song. Now keep in mind, been doing this for years, but never seen anything like this, I'm an expert here, I've tried all the normal things, like reconditioning the MP3 with Audacity, constant bit rate, etc, updaed the bios, bought new SD cards, use donly recommended SD cards. I always do things right, and I know what not to do. I've done it all. I sent files up to Dan at Lightorama and they reconditioned the MP3s, sent them back to try out, and it still has this strange bug. I suspect the problem is with my controller. I'm hoping one of you has a setup of more than 48 channels, who I can send you my sequence and audio file, havce you load it onto your display and see if you're seeing the same 1 second delayed timing issue. I think there might be something wrong with my controller, but it just seems odd that the same 3 songs are the only ones affected. My controller's algorithm seems to have an issue with these 3 songs. One song is 4 minutes, the other 2 are just over one minute, so length of song appears to have no bearing on it either. Maybe there's a bug in the controller code, where something in these 3 MP3 files causes it to not synchronize properly.
  22. Well, I was able to piece Humpty Dumpty back together again. Here's a few shots of the results. Up close it's not pretty, but I used Gorilla glue to piece it back together, what was left of all the shattered pieces. He's bolted to the arbor frame with 2 original bolts it came with, but they are a bit flimsy. Stupid Chinese, if they has used 4 bolts, it would not have wiggled and ripped itself off the frame in the high winds. I may shore this up in the off season. Fromt 10 feet away you really can't tell the difference, so nothing to worry about here. From the street it still looks liek the day I bought it:
  23. One idea I had that would be a cool product is LEDs spaced out on sheets of some type of film that you could wrap around your trees or arches with it, and it's all contained in the weatherproof film. Then you wouldn't to spend hours wrapping arches!
  24. If I had the resources, I'd manufacture my own right here in the USA and the point would be moot!
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